Norfolk, Virginia-based act Caal Vo is employing a sound completely to his own while simultaneously paying respects to the inspirations that contributed to his unique aesthetic. Hailing from a talented statewide SoundCloud scene that includes such creatives as Austin Skinner, CashBently, and 909Memphis, Vo puts himself in his own lane through forming close-knit relationships with his go-to producers like Vinso and releasing ethereal music that takes the mind to mystical realms. We had the opportunity to have a conversation with the rising talent and gain some insight into who he is behind the music.

Tell us about where you are from.

I’m from a city in Virginia called Norfolk. Ain’t shit really here, but it’s really what you make it.

How would you describe your upbringing growing up there?

I had a really rough upbringing once my parents split up when I was in 3rd grade. Shit fucked me up and my Dad and I ended up moving to the hood. That’s where I really became a man.

At what point did music get introduced into your life?

Really just downloading SoundCloud and finding shit honestly. Then, I got into Yachty and Uzi heavy as fuck, so I said I wanna try it.

Would you say they were your main inspirations behind your unique style/aesthetic?

Hell yeah, of course bro. Anyone who says they have no inspirations is lying they ass off.

As you began to put out more music, did you begin to get more involved with the SoundCloud scene in VA considering how much talent is out there?

The part of VA I’m from there is no scene. I’m from the 757 and everyone out here either makes trap shit like DaBaby or they sound like Xavier Wulf. I don’t mix with these motherfuckers out here at all; I’m really a needle in a hay stack.

Discussing your latest project AntiDepressant, the tracks evoke a sense of euphoria that captures listeners from the jump. Could you describe your thought process sonically putting the project together and the message behind it?

My thought process was to be completely sober when recording that whole project. I wanted the listeners to feel the pain I was going through to show that the music itself is the “Antidepressant.” The tape really has a strong message that people won’t get until later. We all have problems we have to face, demons to fight, and it’s our choice to let them consume us or not. I’m a regular person just like you, the next person, and so on. FACE YOUR REALITY! That’s the message.

Looking at your production, you’ve worked with acclaimed producers like SoMuchSauce and SenseiATL, but it’s undeniable how much chemistry you have with figures like Vinson and ShinJin. Could you talk about how you guys began collaborating and the connection you guys have?

Vinso was the only producer to ever hit me up and say we can make a sound. So with that being said, Vinso is my brother and I’ll fight behind his name. Talking about Shinjin, I met him along the way and we all have good chemistry together. Now, I wanna step in a new lane and I just want everyone to strap up cause this new shit gonna be insane.

One other topic I wanted to bring up is your cover art and how you sort of modernized the aesthetic behind the Kanye Bear seen on a bunch of your tracks. Could you talk a little bit about how you came up with this concept?

I feel like I will be regarded as a new-age version of Kanye. A lot of people won’t understand the music until later down the road, but I am truly ahead of my time and a lot of my music will continue to be timeless. Just wait, you guys will see. Only time can tell.

Looking at the upcoming year, are there any specific goals you want to accomplish?

My goal is just to keep going up and get the recognition I feel I deserve.

Lastly, any shout outs to wrap it up?

Shout out to everyone! We all have a purpose on this earth and it’s just our job to find out what it is! And thank you UVC for finally interviewing me! [laughs]