Although mostly known for his impressive production skills up to this point, the prominent Anti-World member Shark proves he is not one to sleep on when it comes to rapping as well. Despite seemingly short clocking in at just 11 minutes, the unprecedented amount of quality featured on his newest project Deadbeat is immensely captivating.

The most noticeable facet of this project, besides its all-too-notable production, is its immense versatility. Every song – from opening track “Eviction” to the much more laid back “What Happened” featuring the renowned Neighborhood Arion – leaves the listener continually craving more. The versatility throughout the project proves to be stirring, as every song demonstrates replayability at its finest. 

One will also notice the insurmountable contributions from each of the features on the project, ranging from the extremely well-known Sybyr to the aforementioned Neighborhood Arion.

Accompanying Shark on production throughout the project is an all-star cast of talent — with such acts as Arion, Arthrn, Lamm, and Yung Germ all putting their own embellishments on the album’s overall sonic theme.

Nearly every aspect of Deadbeat can appeal to every rap fan- whether you’re looking for something hard or soft. Shark not only demonstrates his ability to cohesively rap and produce, but also the fact that he can effectively pack so much quality into such little time. It is a project that cannot be overlooked in any sort of capacity, especially during a time as busy as this for the scene.