Lord Gasp is an artist that is able to create a diverse discography that pushes the boundaries of what is being made in the scene right now. From Montreal, his voice is a fresh one that deserves to be heard more. His tracks include sounds that could fit into multiple genres such as hip hop, alt-rock, etc. Not only that, but his combination of samples from shows, distortion, and different vox effects truly sets him apart. All of these traits are exemplified in his newest project entitled Serenade I. 

The first track “SAITAMA!” starts off this project strong with it being more hype in nature. This is the type of song that makes people want to dance and makes the tone of the EP lighthearted and makes one want to listen more. Though there does not seem to be much of any deep meaning, it is still important because of the fact that it is the beginning of an odyssey of sound. 

The project then moves to “CAUSTIC SODA” — a track that features fellow acts Na$tii and Witchouse40k. This is more of an intense song with gravelly vocals accompanied by a haunting beat in the background. All of these elements when put together create a sound that is truly unique with each artist adding their own spin to each. A person can listen to this track in order to uplift their mood or to let out emotions such as anger or sadness. The nature of it is completely cathartic. 

“RED CURTAINS” features Yung Blade and has a sound more rooted in pop with the vocals somewhat in the “emo rap” realm. This term is used loosely as a way to describe to someone who hasn’t listened to this project what this track, in particular, sounds like. That is not to say that every aspect of this song conforms to the mold of the “emo rap” formula. The term, in this case, is used because it is the easiest way to describe the sounds because it does not stick to one genre in particular. There are aspects from many integrated into this one piece of work. 

The fourth track entitled PARIS GREEN sees its appeal mainly rooted in Reaper’s phenomenal production. Much like the first two tracks on the EP the artist goes back to the backbone of the EP with low growls and screams across a landscape of distorted and darker sounding instrumental. After the chaos of most of the song, something different occurs with almost all the noise stopping gradually and then is at once washed away so to speak. The calming, almost water-like sound at the end is almost more jarring than the vocals throughout this piece. This is because it is unexpected in the world this artist has created and the contrast works extremely well. 

The project ends with “NO OXYGEN” — a complete change of pace and sound when compared to the rest of this body of work. Unlike the rest of the tracklist, this song is a love song that portrays vulnerability and honesty. The rest of the EP feels like a mask in order to cover up this raw and authentic portion. The whole project seems as if one must dig through the superficiality as well as anger to the core of someone’s heart and soul. Once a person gets past another’s walls that they put up and once they do the raw hurt and sweetness of truth reveals itself. This is a calm and overall lovely way to end the project 

In conclusion, this body of work exemplifies the diversity and versatility this artist can exhibit. The amount of emotions, as well as work, is extremely evident in the quality of the production as well as the mixing and mastering. It is an emotional rollercoaster full of highs and lows, turning one’s ears into a place where 3G force is defied.