Few artists inhabiting SoundCloud at this very moment have the same vocal versatility, flair, and charm as Corey Lingo. His knack for emotionally vulnerable, trap-flavored ballads is unparalleled, and all of those aforementioned traits are on full display on “Selling Dreams 2 Myself.” 

Produced by GeeohhS, the track features an elegant piano melody, bouncy drum pattern, and one of Lingo’s best vocal performances to date. Furthermore, the track is beautifully written, addressing themes of heartbreak, despondency, and lamentation, all of which are amplified by the track’s delicate production.

The track begins with the primary melody and Lingo’s vocals working in tandem, as Lingo establishes a firm counterpoint as a means by which to flow between the piano’s bass notes. It also foreshadows the track’s refrain and prepares the listener for the song’s prevailing themes.

Subsequently, the drums enter the mix and, although sparse, they solidify the track’s bounce, and add a slight edge to an otherwise pristine track. Additionally, the 808s are silky, and the occasional rim shots give a firm sense of fluidity. 

As for Lingo, his vocals are immaculate and ethereal, conveying an unbridled sense of pain, but in a paradoxically saccharine tone. This is coupled with periodic vibrato, diverse flows, and suspended notes, all of which synthesize to forge one of Lingo’s best vocal performances yet. His performance is aided by a series of melancholy lyrics, including:

Really got it out the mud, I don’t wanna go back // Ran out of luck, I was really down bad // When it come to love, I can’t even show that // I can’t even trust but I wanna so bad

These lyrics detail Corey’s ascent, and how, despite his success, it is difficult for him to let people in. Furthermore, these lyrics show how adulation and praise could never compensate for the personal trials of life, and that even when our ambitions begin to take fruition, our relationships with those we hold close take precedence within our soul. 

All in all, “Selling Dreams 2 Myself” is a heart wrenching and touching song. Its fragility lends to its relatability, and Lingo’s openness carries it far. GeeohhS’s production is minimalistic, but suiting, and gives just enough guidance for Corey to riff. One can only hope that both Corey Lingo and GeeohhS keep buying into the dreams they wish to pursue.