After numerous successful singles released on SoundCloud over the past year, Chanel Rose has established her place among all of her contemporaries currently working. We sat down with the talented upstart for a revealing discussion regarding her current state as a rising act in that very scene.

What’s your thought process/mindset got to be like when writing a song and does that affect the type of song you’re writing?

Lyrics are the first thing I pay attention to when I listen to a song, so whatever I write I try to take my time on it. Depending on if I’m writing a story or writing something for people to relate to, or if I’m going through something I want to turn into a song. I want to connect to it as much as I can and I think I progress more and more every time I write especially getting big inspiration from songs I listen to before I try to go into the process of making a song.

You clearly have your own defined style and sound, but who are your biggest inspirations and why?

…definitely Ariana Grande and Jhene Aiko. those are the two artists I’m trying to collide together to find my sound since I relate to them the most with vocals and writing. I really love their sound. They’re totally different, so I know if I do the in-between I can find a sound that fits me perfectly.

In terms of producers, who are your top 3 that you have already worked with, and who are the top 3 you’d like to work with in the future?

My top 3 that I have worked with are Lil Spirit, Jetskiii, and Soblind. They have all suited me in the right direction for my sound for my first couple of songs and I’m really happy and grateful to have worked with them. 

My top 3 producers I want to work with are Polearm, Misogi, and Grimes. Really weird mix, but with making different styles and trying new music out those are some prods that I know can create the type of sound that I really like!

If you were to collaborate on a track with any artist right now, who would it be and why?

This seems super random and out of my “style,” but I would love to make a song with Kaskade. “Move for Me” and “4 a.m.” by him are inspirational songs and I always wanted to make an electro-dance song or a type of song for a video game in that way. 

With the overwhelming support and rise of afro-pop in the UK, are there any other styles you’ve considered tackling or are you predominantly looking to cover the American market?

After I build and create more of a sound for myself, of course! I grew up on British alternative so that sound and those artists are a big inspiration for me always when it comes back to a 2000s indie sound. I’m also a huge Charli XCX fan, as she’s a big inspiration for me and one of my favorite artists right now.

Given the history of women being over-sexualized in the music industry, have you ever experienced any discrimination or harassment during your time in the industry?

Luckily in this scene, I have to say I never have. I’ve been friends with a lot of these guys before I even started making music, and when I wanted to and eventually did start, everyone was really supportive of me finding my style. I was never pointed at or talked about in a certain way that degraded me as an artist or what I wanted to do with music. As I’m getting introduced to the tougher side of the industry like labels, management and A&R’s, I have yet to come across a situation that’s degrading or disrespectful, but in this industry, for women (at least), I do think it’s a really big problem that a lot of artists come across and have to deal with

Where do you see your career going in 5 years time?

5 years down I’m praying to be at a level where I can work with my dream collaborations or at least be at a spot where I’m happy and comfortable making music and doing what I love while interacting with my fans. And of course, being able to take care of my family and myself as well. I just wanna be happy healthy, successful & living life.