Celestia kicked off the new year in an extremely strong fashion with the release of her newest project Longing For Here — a mixtape that is undoubtedly telling even in its brief 25-minute runtime. For both seasoned and new fans, this project is not one to miss.

The tape’s most defining aspect is easily Celestia’s unforgettable vocal performance. Combining elements of pop, R&B, and just about everything in between, she vividly demonstrates why she is one to keep her eyes on. Her ability to blend genres and push barriers the underground scene has not yet seen is irreproachable, as she leaves the listener wanting more after every song through her vocals alone.

The haunting instrumentals used throughout the tape complement the vocals at an extremely high degree. Immediately on the first track, the listener is greeted with a slow, beautiful crescendo, grabbing their attention promptly. The impeccable beat selection is a consistent theme throughout the entire project.

Overall, this project proves Celestia’s promise as an artist in full, as she flaunts her ability to create beautiful compositions at a consistent level. Altogether, any song off this mixtape can help create the perfect mood through sheer talent and commanding sonics alone.