Following a series of successful releases, Jammar returns with “Idontfeelfine” — a somber, intricately produced track discussing Jammar’s feelings of despair, dejection, and desolation. 

Produced by Dolly, the track makes use of a variety of grandiose instrumental elements, including a synth arpeggio and a bevvy of crashes layered on top of the track’s kicks. Jammar is at his most vulnerable throughout the song, and his fragile delivery and downtrodden lyrics bear an unparalleled sense of melancholy authenticity.

The track begins with a gradual build-up full of choppy, arpeggiated synth plucks. Dolly makes good use of stereo separation throughout the track and makes the lead melody feel all-encompassing, contributing to the track’s immersive experience. Following the build up, a heavy synth bass enters the mix, and gives the track a more anthemic feel, while adding a dark contrast to the effervescent lead melody. At the drop, a simple drum pattern enters the mix, full of grandiose crashes and bouncy hats. Despite the simplicity of the drum pattern, it is perfectly toned down, and gives the track a pervasive sense of rhythm, while acknowledging that the production is already melodically dense. 

As for Jammar, his performance is genuinely heartbreaking, full of anguished lyrics and a delicate, pained delivery. He begins by saying:

I don’t feel fine now // Wanna die now // Life is a big frown // Sorry I let you down

Albeit simple, these lyrics cut deep, and convey feelings of despondency and grief. Furthermore, these lyrics – contrasted with the upbeat nature of the production – give the track a paradoxical edge. It symbolizes the dichotomy between interior and exterior emotional expression, and that on the outside, one may seem joyful and content, but deep down they feel isolated and helpless.

Following the hook, Jammar continues with an equally poignant verse, all while showing off his impressive Mezzo-Soprano vocal chops. The track concludes with a repetition of the hook, and a gradual fade, the latter of which evokes a faint sense of hope.

“Idontfeelfine” is a moving track, keenly balancing feelings of impotence, misery, and longing. Dolly’s production is condensed, but masterful, adequately displaying his knack for melody and sonic balance. The production perfectly suits Jammar, and despite the track’s ubiquitous sadness, it still contains a muted aura of aspiration. One can only hope that Jammar feels fine in the coming weeks, and that music continues to help him through the unpredictable challenges and expeditions of life.