Johnny VύDOE began his resurgence on the New York underground music scene in January of 2019 and has not looked back since. 

He got his start, like most, by uploading his music on SoundCloud as a member of a larger rap group. After “feeling stifled as a creative and stressed out” within this group, he then decided to hit the NYC underground scene as a solo act. 

VύDOE has noted in the past that his ethnicity and time spent growing up in New York City has a great deal to do with how he approaches music. 

“[My] Dominican roots are the essence of hip hop. Lyricism is important [in our community].”

Early on in his life, he was coaxed by relatives into translating Nas lyrics from Spanish to English, giving him a “glimpse into his future” as he has put it. He finds inspiration from mysticism, occultism, and philosophy in his creative process as a result of his upbringing and past experiences, and these aspects can certainly be heard throughout the majority of his work.

His first release as a solo act was entitled Return to Greyskull — a project defined by its lo-fi, alternative, and experimental aspects. VύDOE himself describes it as “a project that truly wants to stand out on its own regardless of popular opinion.” 

Arguably his most remarkable aspect beyond his musicality alone is his method of curating a fanbase. His strategy was to find his place as a solo artist in a niche genre — never paying for promotion. He made a consistent effort to repost not just his music and promo but others in the lo-fi community as well. Admittingly, even to his surprise, it worked extremely well. His repour with the community has helped him get to higher levels of notoriety just within one year of rejoining the underground scene. 

Currently, he has found that his music is in demand both locally and internationally just from snippets that he has posted throughout his social media. In the sea of overlooked talent that is in the underground, he has found continued success in rallying around neighbors in his music genre. As a result, he is providing helpful commentary on how artists can succeed in this new music business.