For anyone who has followed the underground scene in the slightest, it is difficult to not notice sheer the number of creatives blooming out of the greater North Carolina area. From the eccentric BBY GOYARD to the melodic Texako, the level of talent is immense. That is without stating the likes of GojiBeanBryant, RonSoCold, and Slime Dollaz too. Throw in established acts like Nascar Aloe, NGeeYL, and Belis on top of that, and you have arguably one of the most impressive statewide-scenes in years.

But while a place like North Carolina can boast about the success it has seen in the past 2 years, up-and-coming creatives might find themselves struggling to find footing in an already established community. With that being said, however, Isaiah Pharaoh (aka ISAIAHILOVEU) does not seem to have this problem. From Charlotte to Atlanta, his music continues to stand out with each proceeding release. We received the opportunity to sit down with the young creative making a name for himself in one of the busiest places across the country.

Tell us about where you are from?

I was born in Trenton, New Jersey but grew up and spent most of my life in Charlotte, North Carolina.

What was your environment like growing up? Were you surrounded by music or play any instruments?

The environment growing up was cool my parents always played a lot of music around me. I played piano for a little bit but taught myself a lot through making beats on FL Studio.

What’s the music scene like in your area? Any big names?

The music scene in my area is really diverse a lot of different sounds and types of people. I think it’s what makes the city special. I think what DaBaby is doing for Charlotte is showing us how we can be bigger than the underground and be superstars. I don’t want to be known for the underground I want to go major in the long run.

Who would you say most inspired your style of music? How would you describe your style?

My music is really inspired by the feelings that I have. Kanye, Cudi, Travis, Tyler, the Creator, Daft Punk, ILoveMakonnen, and Gab3. all really left an impression on me and inspire a lot of my music. I would describe my music as audio journal entries.

You recently dropped the music video “Isaiah On Isaiah.” What was your original idea for the music video and how did you approach it?

My original Idea was a fashion film for the brand BYOP. Which is still coming out. But it started off with us doing a pop runway show in downtown Charlotte. The (song itself) came out of frustration so I wanted to express that in the video. However, we had fun with it so we decided to run around the city.

With that in mind, you also dropped a project called Lovers Remorse. Tell us a bit about that, what’s the inspiration for it?

Lover’s Remorse to me was a project where I wanted to show my growth as a person. I broke up the project into acts of arrogance, remorse, and acceptance. I classify all these phases as what you go through after heartbreak. That’s what I wanted to convey in the music this project presented. Be a shifting piece and show growth.

Your music focuses on a number of themes, but one that comes up repeatedly is the topic of heartbreak and issues with lovers. Why do you regularly come back to this specific subject?

It’s not necessarily heartbreak, but just emotion overall. I was in a few relationships that took a toll on the way I see things and express my ideas.

In a crowded underground scene, how do you feel as if you can stand out in this crowd? What makes your music special you’d say?

I feel my music stands out because there isn’t anybody putting together the sound I’m trying to emulate. I make music based on how I feel. My music is special because it’s Isaiah at his finest. What you hear in the music is how I’m going to be in real life there are no gimmicks.

One artist you seem to frequently collaborate with is Badside Samurai. How did you two meet?

Yeah, we met here in Atlanta. We go to the same college. Been cool since freshman year and we’ve made a lot of music together since then.

While there’s been multiple remixes of Playboi Carti’s somewhat infamous “Kid Cudi,” your take on the track was certainly refreshing. What inspired this track?

The funny story about that is I heard that snippet like a month before it came out. I was at a party in Atlanta and they played it. So it hit up the producer I was working with at the time Lil Keyboard and told him to flip the beat for me. I made the song not thinking that the real song would really come out but Kid Cudi dropped so I said fuck it might as well drop mine.

What are your plans moving forward this year? The year is still young for sure, so what do you want to do with your career?

My plan moving forward for this year is firstly graduating. I’m in my senior year so getting this done will be big for me. Next travel more, do more shows, meet more people and see the world. Music-wise, I want to create and lock in as much as I can and definitely, when I’m done with school I’ll have the time to do that. I’m sure. this year is going to be big. A lot of good things on the horizon.

Finally, anyone you’d like to shout-out?

Shout-out Angel Studios and my home team. Darion Martin, Rage, and Jimmy. They help me keep the ball rolling.