After 3 solo singles and multiple freestyles on YouTube, it seems that Coventry’s own Pa Salieu has finally struck gold on his latest offering “Front Line.” With his first 2 singles struggling to find success due to label controversy and online hate, Pa appears to have finally received his first big break.

The young talent has been in and around the Coventry Afro Bashment and hip-hop scene for a little under 3 years. After signing his first deal late last year with Warner Records UK, he was forced into a name change. With this new name, a new image and style were brought in.

With stars such as Jay1 growing large followings, the label had decided to dip their hand into this sound with his second release on the label through Mixtape Madness, one of the largest UK hip hop music video hosting channels on YouTube, but it still failed to gain the popularity that fellow Coventry artist Jay1 had. This moment let Pa return to his roots in Afro Bashment, and the results manifested themselves in this new single.

The track has a telling blend of lyrical bashment and autotuned-trap, and it perfectly jumps from sound to sound using its detuned 808 fixation consistently. The opening synth is enough to draw anyone in taking clear inspiration from late 20th-century war movie soundtracks. 

With a hook that is sure to have nearly any listener singing along at live shows, the track is showing no signs of slowing off with it raking in almost 800,000 views in less than a month. 

As far as the ever-rising Afro Bashment scene is concerned, no one is leading the pack with quite the same consistency and pure talent like Pa has continued to do. It is only a matter of time before this scene rightfully crowns him as its most celebrated catalyst as 2020 rolls onward.