As far as producers in the underground are concerned, there is simply no one quite like Lukrative. In a follow up to a past discussion with the young talent, Lukrative sat down with us to discuss his elusive beginnings, how he and Lifted cooked up BIGBABYGUCCI’s enthralling track “Philosopher’s Stone,” and plenty more.

Give us some background on you. What is your real name, and where are you from? 

It’s Pierre, it’s French. And I’m from New Orleans. I’ve been here for all my life. 

Why did you start producing, and how long have you been at it?

I don’t remember how old I was but I was in 7th grade, around the year 2012. I’m 20 now, so it’s been like 8 years or so. I started because I’ve always been interested in music. I tried playing guitar when I was young. My parents were both even in bands. The way I got FL Studio was from my brother. He had the program because at the time he was learning to make New Orleans bounce music. He didn’t end up picking it up though so he just gave it to me. I started playing around with it for a while. I used it off and on for about a year before I got a feel for it. I just started hearing beats from songs and started remaking them or making a similar beat. That’s how I started.  

Was it hard for you at first? Or did it come naturally?

It was hard, especially because there was barely any decent tutorials on YouTube at the time, and if there was, there wasn’t much information from them. I learned a lot on my own from trial and error. I just fucked around on the software for a minute. I wasn’t as into it before then. I was playing sports and was in an advanced school that gave a lot of homework.

Why did you keep going if it was so hard? 

Probably because it was more like a random hobby, and I liked music so much so why not? As I discovered more music I just got more inspired to keep going. The most fire beats I’ve made when I first started was when I did accidental shit. Whenever I spent a lot of time on something, I just ended up scrapping it or not liking it. 

What was the first program you used? 

It was called Reason, but it was so hard to use. I had to drag each individual sample in it when making something, so I said fuck that and went to FL studio. I literally only spent a week or less using Reason. FL Studio is much more user friendly.

Have you had any past experience with studying theory? 

No, I didn’t know music theory, still don’t. I studied some in college but everything I make is by ear.

Do you play any instruments?

I kind of learned the guitar, and I still play at times. But I can’t fluently play any instrument. I just mess around with like chords and melodies. 

If you could pick up anything musically that wasn’t producing, what would it be? 

I would say rapping. I don’t really be thinking of rap lyrics like that, but rapping would be fun. If you’re a rapper, you get more bread from shows like Rolling Loud. It seems so fun performing shows like that. I DJ too but it’s not the same. 

Have you done any DJ shows? 

I’ve done a bunch. Funny story, I DJed for G Eazy once and accidentally messed up his set bad and he got pissed at me. But most of the events I DJ are put on by the New Orleans collective FREEWATER, they’re a huge part of the music and party scene here. I have also DJed for some local artists and I even DJed a small Texas tour with Convolk, Savage Ga$p, and friends.

Do you still go to college? 

I’m taking a year off, but I’m just going to end up dropping out. It’s just too much money and takes too much time away from music. 

Is it because of music too? 

Yeah, the reason why I took a year off in the first place was because I was traveling a lot in the school semester, so I was missing classes a lot. Even though the college I went to and the major I was in was music-based, and the professors I had were in the music industry were understanding about the traveling, it went up to the point that I couldn’t miss weeks of school. I took a semester off but I don’t even wanna go back really. I do miss it though.

Are your parents cool with that? 

Yeah, one of the reasons why I didn’t wanna finish was because the major I was in called “Music Industries and Business” wouldn’t really help with what I want to do. If I have gotten that diploma, it wouldn’t guarantee me a spot in the music industry. It doesn’t amount to anything. I was like, “I don’t even really need this.” It’s more about who you know and networking. I enjoyed the hell out of it while I was there and slick miss it, but it’s not what I need. I dormed there and had a good college experience. There was always something going on. I went to school with all these music majors so there was always some kind of show or event, so it was cool. 

Who has helped you the most with music? 

The most help I’ve ever gotten was from my Neilaworld brothers definitely. That’s when everything started. Before them I never had anyone to look up to or learn from, had to teach myself everything.

How did you join Neilaworld? 

I never thought I would have gotten in. I followed them and got a little close to a few people in there at the time. FBK tweeted that he was adding people to Neilaworld, and I favorited the tweet and sent it to my friends so they can tag/mention me under it. I was thinking “He’s probably not going to add me.” There was Ginseng, Callari, Yung Castor, me, SLIGHT beats, and 2 other people. I was like, “I’m not shit compared to any of these people”, but they ended up adding me, Callari, and Ginseng at the same time. I remember when I did the interview, FBK was asking me a bunch of questions. 

What was the interview like? 

He was just seeing if I was down, how dedicated I would be, my situation, etc. 

When I got in I was like holy shit. Before Neilaworld I even did some EDM and was experimenting with different styles of music.

How did you find the Soundcloud scene then?

The first SoundCloud artist I heard was Chris Travis. Then I stumbled across Slight beats and this producer named Loud Lord who made really hard trap beats. I also discovered Medasin, Misogi and some others that were making crazy different music than I’ve ever heard before. Those are all the people that I first found getting into SoundCloud. From there, I just dove into all of it. But honestly the first year or two of SoundCloud, I was less into rap shit. But then all that EDM stuff died down and now rap is super saturated in SoundCloud. Definitely for a year or two I was not making that many beats for artists, just mostly EDM stuff. I was on a totally different wave. I would post stuff on SoundCloud and would get decent plays but I wasn’t worried about placements. Yung Castor kinda put me on to working with artists and getting placements.

So what was your first big placement? 

Duwap Kaine. I was like in 10th grade. That shit was crazy. I don’t even remember sending him beats or how I found him. I remember trying to send beats to Yachty but I don’t even know how I got Duwap’s email. I randomly woke up one day and had hella texts saying “Bro you’re on this Duwap song?” I didn’t even know about it, he just dropped it. 

What is your dream placement? 

Future but besides him definitely Gunna, Lil Uzi Vert, Young Thug, and Lil Durk. But Future, Uzi, and Gunna are top 3 for me. There are so many people I want to work with. Travis Scott is another dream placement of mine but I don’t fuck with his new music nearly as much as his older stuff.

What placement is your favorite? 

This Lucki song me and F1LTHY produced just recently. It’s crazy. But besides that Halo by Lil Tracy or Rager City by Pollari. There’s a lot of smaller songs that I love that I’ve produced that people don’t really know and I wish weren’t so slept on. 

Could you name one in particular?

Knock-Knock by Lil Raven, produced by me and Thislandis.

Without question, one of your best and most successful beats is BIGBABYGUCCI’S “Philosopher’s Stone.” It’s hard as fuck. Tell us how you came up with something like that. 

That one I’m pretty sure I had made the melody, and Lifted did the drums. I think I sent Lifted some YSL type melodies and shit because we were working on packs with Lil Gotit and Lil Keed and shit. Lifted just made the beat with my melody and probably recorded Gucci for that one. That beat is hard as fuck. Lifted is so talented. 

Where did the name “Lukrative” come from? 

Internet Hippy asked me this and it’s funny. When I said the answer we all started busting out laughing. Basically I was in class learning about the Industrial Revolution in a history class. The teacher was like “All the resources or whatever was very lucrative” or whatever and I thought it was cool. I just added a “K” instead and yeah. At this point I hate my name but it’s whatever. That shit is long as hell. But I guess I’m just stuck with it. (By the way, if anyone wants to make me a new tag, send submissions to I’ll cash you out if it’s fye) 

There was a Neilaworld meetup in Atlanta last October in 2019, and coincidentally Iced Out Angels and many other popular artists in the scene were in the city as well for the UVC x IOA show. How was your time in the city and at the show? 

We do trips every month or two, and we all fuck with ATL so we just hit it there to have some sessions and hit the studio. It just happened that UVC and IOA were out there doing a show. I met so many people there, and everyone I met was mad cool. I had a really good time at the show. 

Do you plan on moving out of New Orleans?

Possibly, but I fuck with New Orleans a lot. My family is out here and everything. I feel like at some point if I can’t keep making trips I might have to move out for some time, but I’m going to see. You can only do so much from your computer as a producer, but I don’t know honestly. 

If you could move out of New Orleans, where would you move to?

Atlanta or Los Angeles most definitely. 

Who are some of the coolest people you have met from music?

There honestly hasn’t been hardly any people I’ve met from music that I didn’t fuck with. It was crazy meeting people from Neilaworld for the first time. Tracy and Raven are hella genuine dudes, I definitely wanna get in the studio with them more in the future. Ginseng was also mad cool in person, he is a really nice guy.

Who are some of your favorite artists currently?

Keed, Gotit, Yung Kayo, Roddy Ricch. I listen to Future and Uzi the most though. Jimi Hendrix. Smashing Pumpkins are fye. I fuck with Tame Impala, and Marilyn Manson is hard as fuck. Silversun Pickups and Aphex Twin are some of my other favorites too. 

Inspirations for your beats? 

My first inspirations were Jahlil Beats, Lex Luger, and Young Chop. My current inspirations I would say are Maaly Raw, Metro Boomin, Cubeatz, and Wheezy. Pierre Bourne is also one of my favorites. And of course Southside.

Besides them, who are some of your favorite producers?

Everyone in Neilaworld obviously, Working on Dying, Pyrex, Jetson, just to name a few. Probably forgetting some, there’s too many fye producers now.

What’s in the future for you? 

Just recently I got a few songs that will hopefully be dropping this year. I’m just going to keep running up on placements and traveling with the Neila guys because every time we link up, we get some crazy placements or big happens for one of us. This last trip it was Lucki for me, and then a trip before that Deep Wounds dropped for Callari. I’m just going to keep working. 

You’ll definitely hear a good bit of music produced by me and F1LTHY this year, we have been going crazy lately. But I got a tape that I’m hoping to drop this year. I was about to drop it in December, but I had to clear a song with Pollari since he’s still with a label. I still have to wait a little bit for that one until he drops his album. I’m also realizing I could get some bigger artists on my tapes so I might just take a little more time in it and get some crazy artists on it so I can make it big as fuck. 

Any shoutouts of your own? 

Shoutout Neilaworld, Freewater, UVC, and shoutout Pollari especially, Pollari is the most genuine artist I’ve worked with, and he’s a cool ass dude. People need to know that, he’s the GOAT. 

Oh, and my girlfriend has been getting crazy good at making beats. Be on the lookout this year for sure, we already got a couple placements together. 

You can listen to one of Lukrative’s produced tracks with F1lthy here on SoundCloud: