Guardin is an artist who has been making waves in the underground scene for quite a while with offerings such as “I Think You’re Really Cool” making it onto local radio stations and even being tagged on the official Taco Bell Instagram story. Already embarking on multiple tours, with his latest one being on the east coast with fellow acts Brody, Thebreathingbackwards, and the Carousel Kings, they have been entirely enlightening and heartwarming experiences as a whole.

Coming off of these experiences, he went on to develop his newest and most anticipating offering in Creature Pt. 2 — and it is safe to say that all prior expectations were met in stride.

This project is a continuation of his last full-length offering Creature — an album that set the mark for the young talent’s proceeding successes. Although the project sits at only six songs, the range and variety of emotion is truly astounding. 

The first track entitled “Backup” describes the artist’s alarm at the lengths people go to dehumanize him just because he has a following online and how that has affected his mental health. Consumers of art of any kind must remember that every person they admire is just that, a human being with the capabilities and feelings that all other humans face. 

The next track has a completely different tone and is entitled simply “alive” produced by Caspr which discusses human existence and what human beings will do to feel alive. This track is a double-sided coin that not only discusses the artist’s personal feelings in verse two but also about people in general. 

The next track is entitled “don’t fall asleep” — a track that discusses love, dreams, and friendships while detailing the fact that he does not want to lose the relationships in his life but also the fact that in some of his relationships he can’t be with that person all of the time. 

Unlike the dreamy and nostalgic tone of the previous track, “again” vividly translates the feeling of losing someone you really care about. Being one of the most painful experiences in the world, Guardin expertly describes it in a simple, yet haunting manner so that one can’t help but ache a little inside when listening to it. 

The next track entitled “stupid.” is a more pessimistic outlook on relationships and losing them. The line “I’m fine, just a tad stupid” embodies the hurt that this situation is eliciting but is also somewhat a way of hiding the pain which is evident in the line “so my bedrooms more appealing, suffer through the feeling.” 

The project ends on a rather melancholy note with the song “stolen” — a ballad about finally getting over a relationship that messes you up physically and emotionally. The passage “this is the last time you rip me in two” embodies the tone of this song and describes a relationship where one party gives the other chance after chance and they get hurt badly every time. 

Altogether, Creature Pt. 2 is a rollercoaster of emotions that make the listener feel worried, elated, and every other emotion in between. It embodies nearly everything that Guardin has come to be known as in his young career, and is a fantastic addition to his already acclaimed discography.