In his brief time in the musical lexicon, Boysnightsout mainstay d1v has developed a formula and has stuck to it convincingly. The rising talent has established his mark on the scene through a number of telling singles throughout the majority of 2019; now firmly settled into 2020, this streak is still alive and well with his recent offering “Not Enough.”

The aforementioned formula that d1v holds so closely in the majority of his tracks is on full display in this single – the crooning vocals, sentimental lyrics, his movingly understated delivery – they all are so common within his work now but have yet to grow stale in any fashion due to how convincingly he comes through with them time in and time out. 

Working in perfect tandem with these aspects, this track revels in its simplicity and brevity alike. Due to the fact that his formula allows for a myriad of further aspects to be built and uniquely applied to each and every single as they drop, tracks in this nature are able to stay fresh and as captivating as ever. 

The way in which “Not Enough” accomplishes this lies in d1v’s ideal correspondence with the track’s production. He utilizes a simplistic flow that trades off passages with his subtle ad-libs to create a vibe that is as bouncy and head-nodding as it is subdued and laid-back. This is a distinct achievement that really encapsulates the essence of who d1v is as an artist — someone who can create these captivating facets out of the most simple resources. 

Present within this delivery are lyrics that do not stray far away from any common offering in both his and his contemporaries’ catalog, but that is not to say that what is being presented fails to intrigue the listener in some sort of way, no matter how small and insignificant these themes may come off at this point. These are lyrical themes of unimportance, love lost, and a generally depressive sentiment; all too characteristic, yes, but full enough of sheer, visceral expression to truly make an impression on the listener. 

This single doubles as a continuation of d1v’s longstanding string of quality tracks as well as a statement that clearly establishes the progressing artist’s mark leading into the rest of the undisclosed year to come. Numerous avenues can be taken from this point, whether he wants to release more and more singles in this wake or perhaps build towards another cohesive project in the same liking as his previous full-length release with frequent collaborators Opal and With3r in Ask&Receive

No matter what decision is made, expectations are being set higher and higher with every single appearance and release from the talent on the rise, and he will be looking to satisfy them just as he has continued to do with each and every past offering.