Nearly anyone would be hard-pressed to find an artist as consistent as Miego. Within the last 4 months, he’s dropped 6 singles and 2 EP’s, and with every release, his progression is clear. All of this hard work culminates in Miego’s most recent single “Tonight” — a heartfelt, bouncy track about his current love interest.

Featuring lowkey, yet hard-hitting production courtesy of Lockage and Cxtylife, the track is one of Miego’s best written to date, as well as one of his catchiest.

The track starts off with a subdued lead melody, coupled with some anticipatory vocal riffing. Despite the lead melody’s toned down quality, it provides the track enough ambiance and guidance to allow for Miego’s infectious countermelodies to shine. 

At the drop, a trunk-rattling 808 is introduced to the mix, giving the largely restrained production a powerful edge. Along with a simple array of percussion, the beat has a warm sense of movement, and utilizes minimalism as a powerful asset. 

With regards to Miego, the track itself is one of his most focused and well-written songs to date. His lyrics are direct, yet still so poetic in their essence — clearly communicating his sense of urgency with a rhetorical flare. Additionally, his lyrics are painfully self-aware and reflective, evident when he says:

I done broke a lot of hearts and now I know that it ain’t right // I was fighting for myself, feel like I’m fighting for my life

Along with the heart-wrenching lyrics, Miego’s knack for melody is on full display on the track. The track’s chorus is immaculate, and Miego utilizes just enough melodic variation to maintain a sense of fluidity. Furthermore, his delivery is delicate and light, and perfectly corresponds with the desperation, longing, and solicitude communicated by the track’s lyrics.

In full, “Tonight” is a near-perfect track. It is excellently written and cohesively performed with  subtle production that serves as a perfect backdrop for the MC; which allows him to put his melodic inclinations on full display. Miego seems to grow as an artist with every release, and we should all be very excited to see how much he will grow in the coming year.