Cxrpse’s “Exile” is a project that will be seen throughout the year on occasion after occasion. The 13 track album is one that numerous listeners were looking forward to for a great deal of time, and the Spider Gang talent finally delivered on the anticipation.

Listening to this album takes the listener on an entire journey; one full of hard beats, emotional lyrics, and features sure to draw nearly anyone in.

One of the most consistent facets of the project is the amount of emotion put into every single track. The entire album ranges from whispering, low-tone tracks, to high energy screaming vocals, of course making this a necessity for any fan to listen to. 

“Skeleton” is a prime example of this, utilizing both sonics, which is generally hard to find done so impressively. Alternatively, the track “Lonely”- which speaks on pain rooting from heartbreak – is delivered in a much softer fashion as a whole.

The production throughout the album is certainly worth mentioning. The amount of musical influence within the instrumental work on this project will leave any listener in awe and admiration. Ranging from a heavy metal-esque style to a more mellow feeling, any track off the album will fit nearly any niche that the listener may be looking for.

Ultimately, this album is something unprecedented in the underground. In nearly all of its facets, the project displays how talented Cxrpse really is. Clocking in at just under half an hour, it is a perfect example of replayability at its finest.