EVENT HØRIZØN is an artist based in the Seattle, Washington area that doesn’t conform to the stereotypical “SoundCloud sound” — consisting of a guitar beat accompanied by saturated 808s with the word “demons” being used in order to describe any sort of mental illness or intrusive thoughts. Instead, this artist works in a number of more experimental means.

His sound can be described as more traditionally electronic rather than simply “emo rap” or “ trap” which makes for an interesting background and foundation where he lays his verses on. Lyrically he is also extremely talented utilizing imagery throughout that is consistent throughout every track rather than straying from the original image that comes to mind when one listens. 

These sentiments are especially evident in his newest track “Monster’s Inside” which is essentially an internal monologue about his recent breakup. He took an interesting twist on this “break up” song because the beat behind it that he made is more up-tempo in nature which makes the tone more clear. Rather than it being sad in nature, this song has a more angry and heartbroken tone. The artist makes you feel his pain, his anger, and his feelings of abandonment, most particularly in the chorus. 

The winter imagery is also extremely vivid and expresses his feelings of his heart being frozen over again once his partner left. It is also appropriate because the event of the breakup occurred in the chilly landscape of Iceland. Not only is this a breakup song but it is also a song of internal introspection where he looks at the remnants of his soul and goes on a quest to find the mistakes he made and the flaws within himself. 

This song also reminds a listen of the fact that everything is finite with the line “seven years gone in a night” where we are reminded that people can leave us at any time. The emotional quality of this track is the rawest and authentic this artist has ever put out considering it wasn’t a planned release. Some of the best music comes out of a need to express certain emotions rather than having a need to hit a deadline or external pressure that comes with music. 

EVENT HØRIZØN is doing more than what his contemporaries have established within the realms of his sound, and tracks like this prove this sentiment in full. The year is still as young as ever for the equally young talent, and it is just a matter of time before his experimentation becomes more of the norm.