Lobo is an artist based in Salt Lake City, Utah who has surrounded his life with influences such as Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and XXXTentacion among many others. Moving from state to state and finally landing in Utah, he has been continuing on making music and has not disappointed in any aspect, and his newest single “Barry Bonds” proves this in full. 

The track starts off with vocals leading into a buoyant type of beat that has a tellingly catchy flow to it — keeping it consistent throughout the whole track. The song also has a fetching part about it which is the added bed creaks giving it more of a lively feel to the song in general. 

With the cover art covers depicting the main sentiment of the track, Lobo himself detailed the decision to center the song in this way by noting the level of “pride and ignorance” within the track itself. 

With all said and done, Lobo is definitely starting the year right with this single. It is an upbeat track that can make anyone get loose and jam out — catching the listener’s attention every step of the track. The young talent is only going up from here.