TheBreathingBackwards has been turning heads in numerous ways in a very short period of time, mostly through his telling collaborations with numerous fellow underground acts along with a tour that established his captivating stage presence as a whole.

We talked about both of those aspects of his young career and more in a sound discussion with the rising star.

You just recently went on a tour, how would you describe that experience to an artist who has never toured before? Any advice for a person going on their first one? 

Tour was wild. It honestly wasn’t like most tours. Once it became a Guardin headliner, it really became our tour – like we could do whatever we wanted. We ran the shit ourselves with Carousel Kings. And it was just me Nick and Brody in the van, so it felt more like a road trip than an official set tour. Honestly to anyone going on tour the only thing I’d say is just to have fun with it. Like try not to stress about things, sometimes shit goes wacky or doesn’t work out perfect (it happened to us at a couple of venues) but fuck it, it is such a cool experience you don’t wanna miss it by stressing.

What was your favorite project to make out of your whole discography? 

Like a whole project, probably blackheartemoji. Just because it was such a collab between me and Brody. It’s the most hands-on I’ve been with production so far. Just being in the same room as someone, and having Brody be my friend, meant I really had a say in a lot of the production. It’s also the most cohesive project I’ve done so far. But this new EP I’m working on has some of my favorite individual songs I’ve made, I’m hyped to get them out there.

If you could go back in the past and change one thing about your music career what would it be?

I would call myself something way cool than fucking thebreathingbackwards. Way too long. What a dummy I was.

What was your favorite moment you experienced while on tour?

There were so many (moments). I don’t know if I could pick one out as my favorite, but one that I’ll always remember is playing “What I Am” with Carousel Kings. They learned the song in like 4 days while also touring in the van, and when we played it in Chicago it felt so wild. Nick and I bonded with them throughout the week it was cool to have all of us up there together for one final bop before the tour ended. Also, the entire Cleveland show was insane, as was the pie in D.C.

You have an EP coming out in the future, what can you tell us about that? 

Yeah, it’s a 7-song EP called Swingsets. I don’t have a set release date yet but it’ll feature the last song I put out called “anymore.” I have some cool ideas for it. It started as just a collection of songs but I think it’s morphed into almost album territory. There’s a general theme to it all, and the beats are in the same style. All the songs revolve around growing up or going through changes. I just graduated from college, so now I’m like a real adult or something. A lot of what I’m writing for it is from that. It’ll also probably be my last guitar beat project for a while, so I wanted to make sure all the songs are special. Oh, and I just dropped a new line of merch for it, with the wonderful art from Valkoru.

What is your opinion on where the direction of the underground community is going? 

Honestly, I don’t really have any strong opinions. I can say what I don’t like, which is the mainstream hype that’s creating a lot of fake people just in this music for the clout. I’ve seen too many people like buying plays or leeching on to people just trying to be big. What I loved so much about this scene when it was still actually underground is that no one was doing it for money or fame, because there wasn’t any money or fame to be had. It really was all about the music. I try not to dwell on the negatives though, because when it comes to the people who are real and have been doing this for the music, it’s so cool to see people having that real glow up. Gucci and Lotus getting signed, Convolk touring Russia, Guardin getting played on the radio and shit. As lame as the leeches are popping up, it’s even better seeing all the homies get recognized.

Are there any future collaborations with anyone you can reveal at the moment? 

I got a decent amount in the works, but right now all I’ll let slip is that I got one with Guardin on this next EP. Some more cool ones coming up but for now, that’s all ya get.

How has your sound changed from when you first began music to now? 

It’s gotten less dookie. Even better than it was.

What is your advice to an artist who wants to quit because they feel discouraged? 

Don’t listen to anyone but yourself. I wanna quit all the time because of whatever reason. A lot of it is seeing people pop off and I don’t. But you gotta remind yourself that’s not what it’s about. And if you need to take a break, then just do it. Don’t let anyone tell you you have to drop songs or you have to do this or that. You do you.

How do you deal with any hate that you receive about your art? 

I mean it’s whatever. People are gonna hate no matter what. Who cares. Fuck em.