In a year that will certainly come to define the future of BoysNightOut (BNO) as potentially the next breakthrough collective out of the underground scene, the closely associated Tonser will undoubtedly be there with them in every step of the way. The Scandinavian talent proves this fact in great detail with the release of his first single of the new year in “Outdoor.” 

The track itself is surrounded in all corners by BNO contributions, with both d1v and Sg Lily providing their own vocals as well as art direction courtesy of With3r. But even with the collective’s immense grasp on the track as it is, Tonser still finds a way to not only ever so slightly stand out among his contemporaries, but also prove himself as the driving force behind the track’s most integral facets in the process.

What defines this offering the most is its captivating earworm passages that find themselves within numerous vocal passages and instrumental riffs alike. Both of these facets are contributed for the most part by Tonser himself, as he cohesively provides the steadily catchy hook along with the track’s production as a whole. 

His ability to fully take control of a track that sees a number of outside influences is telling enough, but to do so in such a charming and gripping manner as he does is an even more impressive feat for the young artist.

This sense of control allows for the track’s aforementioned captivating aspects to shine through more than they would otherwise. This notion is most vividly seen through the song’s instrumental working in perfect correspondence with all of the provided vocals on the track, but most effectively in its all-too-alluring chorus. 

The consistent addition of twisting synth passages that all flawlessly mold together during this part of the song align so well with the equally dazzling hook as it is. Within the realms of this style of hip-hop as it has come to be known – with its fixation on pure atmosphere through spacy synth leads and basic autotune crooning – it is equal parts important as it is standard to come through with at least a few passages that make the listener want to come back to the track based on its utter enchantment alone. 

Among the rest of the artists that have come to define this sound and style since its very recent inception, Tonser has proven time and time again that he can consistently come through with these powerful passages on each and every track he is able to. “Outdoor” is just the latest and greatest example of this fact, and it is safe to say that listeners will be expecting more of the same throughout the career-defining year to come.