Artists – especially those within the realms of music – all have a story to tell, and many have experiences that play into these stories that shape them into who they are today. Salem Riin is a perfect example of this fact, as the talent out of Louisianna has no issues speaking on her journey and what has made her who she is today.

What’s the south been like for you? Have you lived there your whole life? 

The south has been interesting. Everyone drinks a lot and there’s a lot of hicks that piss me off. I’ve seen my fair share of Louisiana crackheads and took plenty of road trips to New Orleans like the rest of us Louisiana natives. I’ve caught hella Mardi Gras beads, listened to a lot of Marilyn Manson, and did too many psychedelics… nothing too crazy.

Who did you listen to musically growing up? Did the south have an impact on these acts?

I listened to a lot of Marilyn Manson and Motionless In White. Ellie Goulding and Tame Impala too. I just recently got into rap like 2 years ago or so. The south really didn’t influence any of my current music. I’d like to incorporate some jazz or southern style music into my sound just for the hell of it in the future for sure, make it that much more spicier.

When did you actually decide to start to create your own music? How old were you at the time? 

I’ve been writing since a really young age. I’ve literally wanted to be on a stage since I was 10. I actually put those cravings into motion around the time I turned 18 or 19? I released a pop song called “U Aren’t Shit” about someone who, well, wasn’t shit. The song was actually titled just “U” and was very sweet, but I changed the title when I woke up and realized how toxic that person was and is. The full backstory is kind of funny at this point, but I don’t want to talk about it just yet publicly, I might not ever (do that).

So after that point, did you keep recording? Was there a certain point you decided to take it more seriously? 

After that point I recorded a few (more) songs. I’m well aware I don’t have a lot out right now, but the small amount of work I do have out speaks volumes. Why rush anything? Everyone’s doing that. I refuse to. I started to take it more seriously when big producers starting hitting me up wanting to work! I was like well if you insist! Hence why I started making rap. I know a good bit of rap producers from the internet, (so) I said why not. 

Do you have any big plans for 2020? What’s coming up for you in the new year? 

I’m trying to finish up 5 songs at the moment. I have a song with Nessly on the way. It should be out in January of next year. My friend wanted it for a project he’s working on, so that should be cool! 2020 should include music videos and hopefully features that I haven’t even anticipated yet! We shall see, right? 

What happened with your back recently? Detail this story if you would! 

It was a total freak accident. An ambulance lost its tire and someone swerved in front of my grandma in the fast lane, (and) we didn’t have time to stop. I crushed 60% of my L4 and had to be airlifted to have emergency back surgery or I would be paralyzed. I also watched my aunt break her neck and legs. I have one more surgery left and I currently can’t bend down. To sum it up I have a lawyer now and next year I might be rich, or rich rich. 

What’s your recording process like? How long doesn’t it typically take you to make a song? 

I usually just go to the studio in my city that I know is pretty fucking good partially prepared and fuck shit up. I say partially because I run around with my head cut off, even if I’m not busy. But I come up with shit on the spot and it’s all good, clearly. It can take me months to make a song or just a day. It depends on a lot (of factors).

What are your overall goals with your music? What are some things you really desire to accomplish?

I’m not sure I have any specific goals in music right now. I wanna work with some up and coming artists, and I wanna be heavily involved in perfecting my craft. If my back heals 100%, I wanna learn how to dance. I would also like to own a label one day maybe? I definitely want to own a studio or a few and help aspiring artist out like me, but only if they’re on the same shit I’m on. 

Who are some acts you’d like to work with in the near future? 

I’d like to work with quite a few! Sebii, Belis, Sol Jay, Austin Skinner, and plenty more.

What keeps you going outside of music? What are you usually doing if you aren’t creating? 

I don’t do a lot outside of music right now, all in recovery for my back. If I’m not making music I’m probably at least thinking about that.

Would you like to add anything of note on your own?

You’re going to hear about me this year even if you don’t want to. I’m not here to make friends and I’m not here to make music you like, I’m here to make music I like. 2020 is the year of Salem Riin. Hate it or or love it, I’ll be here and you’ll hear about it so stay tuned.