If one were to sum up noted talent Ericdoa’s newest full-length offering Public Target in just one word, the only one that could be accurately used is sensational. Packing a number of different feelings into the 9 track long project, he showcases his outstanding and versatile prowess throughout the entire runtime. 

Ranging from slow-paced and laid back songs to upbeat and uplifting examples, the album thrives in its variability. One aspect does stay consistent, however, and that is Ericdoa’s core lyrical messages throughout. 

He touches on very personal topics throughout, such as depression, hopelessness, being lied to, and heartbreak just to name a select few. On “Grinding My Teeth,” the lyrics “I forgot everything you said to me, and every time I hear your name it gets harder to breathe” are a stark example of this fact, as they speak on a harshly relatable subject that the audience will feel with great emotional force.

Another telling aspect of the album is the stacked production credits. Featuring contributions from the likes of many well-known producers, such as Skress, Mochila, Ginseng, and many others, every song on the album has the star power to back up the MC’s vision. This also allows each track to have their own distinct and memorable feel as far as their melodic aspects are concerned.

Ericdoa is starting off 2020 in a very strong way with Public Target, as it offers not only impressive beats and vocals, but a number of star-studded features as well. Altogether, this project is the perfect early-year listen, and it leaves the listener anticipating what’s next to come for the young talent in 2020.