Illinois is a state known in large part for its high emphasis on artistic progression and musicality, especially in places like Chicago. Today we decided to dive out of that area and sit down with a small town artist known as Lundeen who is simply hungrier for the grind then anyone that comes to mind as of late in this area.

What’s it been like growing up in Illinois? Tell me about your earlier days.

I’d like to say I’ve always been pretty proactive. There’s not a lot to do in my area so you kind of make life what you want it to be, or at least that’s what I feel I’ve done. I played in a lot of different sports growing up but eventually I landed on music and that’s been my life for the last 3 or 4 years.

What kind of music did you listen to growing up? 

Well my mom would always play country music in the house and in the car, but as I grew older, a lot of my influences came from my brother and sister. I remember sitting with them burning CDs on limewire and filling them with all sorts of random shit. A lot of Three Days Grace and other rock stuff, but also a lot of stuff like Outkast and Biggie. For the longest time I pretty much just listened to whatever they were into until I got older and delved into my own shit.

At what age and when did you actually start making music of your own? 

It wasn’t until towards the end of my junior year I started taking music seriously and working on my craft. It was something I always wanted to do but didn’t have the rocks to come out and actually do. It wasn’t until my boy Santino started spitting and dropping stuff at school, seeing him do it and not care what people think made me wonder what was holding me back.

What are some of your favorite songs you’ve made or been apart of? 

A lot of the songs that I have connections to either haven’t been released or have been taken down sadly. But I have a lot of songs from old mixtapes I made with my boys AM Waves & Khux that I love… so many old songs that are just laying around in the vault. As for some of my recent stuff though, I love pretty much everything me and DJ Ship have done. I’ve made some of my best records with his production and we have had great memories with the music we’ve made so far.

What’s your musical process like? How long does it typically take you to make a full song? 

A lot of the stuff I sit and stress over doesn’t turn out how I envisioned it would. It also just depends on how I’m feeling, I have so many hooks and verses just lying around. Sometimes I’ll throw something together from some old verses I didn’t like at first. There’s been times I’ve taken months to write a song and there’s been times I’ve sat down and wrote a song in a couple minutes and recorded the whole thing within the hour, so it really does just depend on how I’m feeling. 

What are some of your goals going into 2020? Do you have any upcoming plans? 

Me and Ship are coming with our project “Angels Die Too” which is a sequel to our previous record from last year “Demons.” I plan to drop a lot of music in 2020 and to grow more with my family in XXIX Club. Besides that I’m focused on dropping a lot more visuals and working more on my image, and shows are a must of course. 

You mentioned XXIX Club, tell me a little more about them and how you became apart of the brand? 

I’m not quite sure exactly how I found him but I met Austin (IHATEPVRPL) on Twitter looking for a videographer in my area. After the first video was done we kept in contact and grew closer over time. He’s the reason I was introduced to the team and the reason I’m still with them today. That dude has honestly changed my life and done so much for my career. The people I have met and experiences I have made with this team are priceless.

What are you usually doing if you aren’t creating? 

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time in the gym, just trying to better my physical and mental health. Playing video games of course (too), right now I’m into the new Call of Duty but I fuck with some indie games too. Other than that just working and smoking with homies, regular shit.

What are some things you like and dislike about the underground? 

I feel like for a long time I was lost in the underground and couldn’t figure out my place, and I feel like everyone has been there in this scene at some point, and that’s what I love, and hate. Everything is changing so fast, you have to be on top of it. Thinking 10 steps ahead. Everyone is so fucking hungry you have to be starving if you really want this shit. Once you realize that and really commit there’s nothing to hate in this game, this shit is what you make it if you do it right. 

What’s your overall goal with music? What’s the main thing you want to accomplish? 

I’ve always said that I do this for the younger version of myself. But as I learn more about who I am and about music, my goals and objectives change. Right now what I really want is to make it out of my small town to set an example for anyone else like me. From day one I’ve always preached to anyone who supports me to search for their own creative outlet and explore it. That’s really the mission at the end of the day, getting people to express themselves when they don’t know how to. 

Who are your personal favorite artists? 

I’m going to say 03 Greedo (first) because i love his story. Skizzy Mars is a huge influence (too), I’ve been listening to him for as long as I can remember. I fuck with City Morgue heavy right now. I love The Game. I love this dude from Maine named Spouse who is super dope. That’s just who I can think of off the top of my head, I listen to so much stuff that I could go on forever.

Anything else you would like to add?

Lundeen – I won’t leave y’all with no cheesy shit. For real just wake up and do whatever makes you happy every day. Besides that s/o 29 gang and all the people rocking with me! Big shit coming 2020. Oh and shoutout you!