Following a steady output of tracks in 2019, Hvmmer has returned yet again with his newest offering “Pandora’s Boxxx,” a dynamic, dreamy track discussing the young artist’s insatiable aspirations and previous follies.

Produced by XZ, the track contains an ethereal lead melody and simple drum programming, all of which allow for Hvmmer to truly shine.

The track begins by introducing the track’s lead melody; it is a bouncy, subtly emotive plucked synth pattern. This, coupled with vocal riffing courtesy of Hvmmer himself, build adequate anticipation for the track’s drop. 

At the drop, a simple array of drums are introduced to the mix, including syncopated snares and the occasional low hat. Despite their simplicity, the drums provide a good sense of movement and allow for Hvmmer to seamlessly flow and riff throughout.

With regards to Hvmmer, his performance is understated, yet effective. He begins by addressing the upward mobility he envisions, and the promises of success he has made to his loved ones. Next, he discusses how he is not yet able to fulfill these promises, and how recent events in his life have forced him into a more discrete situation. Following a brief instrumental reprieve, Hvmmer returns with a more assertive tone, evident when he says: 

Fuck a burner phone, juggin’ got my number hot // Up on stage you can feel my rage comin’ out // I was tryna do my best, but they gon’ say I’m wrong // I was tryna flex momma, I’m not comin’ home

Despite how this line contrasts with Hvmmer’s desire for subtlety, it seems to fulfill the premise of the song. Despite Hvmmer’s admittance that he must lead a more discrete life and balance his humility with success, he seemingly “opens Pandora’s Box” with this line, acknowledging that – despite the potential turmoil associated with his ambitions – he accepts them, and views them as a path to fulfillment. 

The track concludes with Hvmmer contrasting his current predicament with those of the successful, and pondering about the actions he needs to take in order to achieve equal success.

“Pandora’s Boxxx” is a personal and thoughtful track. It cultivates a sense of desperation and imbalance throughout, and vividly describes Hvmmer’s desires in a clear, relatable manner. XZ’s production is stellar throughout, and provides a sense of stability, despite the emotional transpositions of his performance. One can only hope he continues to make tracks with the same determination and vulnerability in the near future.