Promnight is an artist that originates from Massachusetts, but has since moved to Los Angeles. His style of music as well as his mysterious internet personality sets him apart from other artists simply in the fact that he’s not one to show his face. Unless you follow him pretty closely and watch his Instagram story his identity is almost anonymous. 

One could describe his music as sad in its entirety, but it also has footnotes of anger that make the overall tone of his sound unique to experience. Each song gives the listener a hint of familiarity with a twist as the artist switches it up in the duration of each track. 

These sentiments are completely evident in his newest track “Bleeder.” 

Unlike some artists who use the “sad” aesthetic and imagery in a cheesy manner, this track shows that Promnight utilizes these facets to tell an effective narrative. This is something that isn’t seen as much in the underground scene as much and would enhance and add more nuance to tracks if more artists did this. 

The artist describes his struggles in not only his mind but also in his move to a new city and state where he had never lived before. Not only do we get to understand how he is feeling but a listener also gets to experience some of what he has experienced in this new place. 

The lyrics feature a telling duality of both the inner conflict as well as the superficial conflict that is presented. This track is fascinating to examine closely because it’s like a roadmap into his brain as he articulates experiences and feelings in a simple and comprehensive way. The tone of his voice exemplifies his typical style that combines both sadness and anger in a way that is raw and authentic rather than seeming forced. 

The way in which Promnight continues to play on his strengths without them becoming redundant is an admirable quality and it will be interesting to see how he develops them in the future. The intensity of the track as well as the wind down at the end of it will have a listener hungering for more authenticity and emotional vulnerability. The way this artist is able to simultaneously bare his emotions and also “flex” almost is an interesting dynamic to listen to and is most definitely different than anything a listener has ever heard before. 

Stream “Bleeder” below: