Toronto-based artist Crown La’trell has been presenting a tellingly versatile mix of hip-hop, r&b, and folk throughout the majority of his past releases, and on his latest track “Vampire,” this versatility shines through extremely vividly. 

La’trell started to construct the track around 2017 when he had moved to a new location around Halloween, and the lyrics reflect this by centering around the theme of new environments and new passions. While being more hyper and energetic compared to his other offerings, this track still captures his ideal sound with great consistency and efficiency. 

The track starts off with a calm, melancholic feeling that lures the listener in before the crazy beat switch that takes place at the hook. Just as a vampire would leach on its prey, the title and the song in full describes all of the facets within the song. 

If anything else, this track serves as an ideal insight into what we can expect from La’trell going into 2020; it perfectly summarizes his already established sound while still offering new elements that will undoubtedly be further developed throughout this year. When his increased audience looks back on the year he is going to have when it is all said and done, this track will remain as the starting point to it all.