Rising star Sinogabriel demonstrates his versatility throughout nearly every single second of his debut album 25/8. From its upbeat offerings such as the self-produced “Know Me,” to tracks that feature a more laid back tone like “Otherwise,” the project gives the listener just about everything they can ask for as far as asking for an entire cycle of styles is concerned. 

This versatility is demonstrated not only through the talent’s vocals and flows as they are, but through effective production as well. With a great deal of its tracklist featuring production from Sinogabriel himself, a high sense of self-control and cohesion is felt throughout all of its 40 minute runtime. As an entire unit, each track creates an ideal calming ambience.

The beats tend to be very bubbly and uplifting for the majority of the project — even on the few love songs sprinkled throughout. These tracks in particular are equally relatable as they are touching, with Sinogabriel pouring his heart out in a strikingly honest way.

“Walk In My Skin” is a perfect example of this aspect being applied; it is a bouncy track that perfectly balances its bustling sonics with the lyrical sentiments of dealing with love overtop. 

“Lying To Yourself,” which features JuicyDirt, accomplishes this notion as well. The song features an extremely catchy flow with moving percussion that contrasts from what is being talked about within its narrative. 

The take home feature of 25/8 as a cohesive album is the fact that it appeals to nearly any feeling a listener may be experiencing, whether it is pure heartbreak or genuine happiness. If impressive production combined with raw emotional depth from a talent who deserves the exposure moving into the new year is for you, then look no further than this project right here.