Grimm Doza is one of the underground’s most unique and multifaceted artists. Not only is he a versatile rapper, but he is an equally versatile producer, often switching between various styles of hip-hop production and adding subtle touches that allow for a distinctive flare. 

His most recent track “Sword Styles” puts this on full display — making use of grainy, fluttering production and authoritative verses from Lord Apex and Doza himself, both of which create an ethereal yet confidently focused vibe. 

The track begins with a brief introduction, full of airy guitar plucks and a subtle drum pattern. The instrumental bears a uniquely gritty aura, strangely analogous to the sound quality of an old television. This gives the track a more evocative feel, and serves as an alternative to the frequently mimicked sound quality of vinyl players.  

The track’s primary loop is brief, but infectious, perpetually switching between feelings of descent and cadence to feelings of fluidity and growth. 

Doza’s performance is confident and at ease, with his palpably deep tone providing a clear contrast with the instrumental’s treble-heavy frequencies. Additionally, Doza delivers a bevy of lyrical gems, including:

Puttin’ work at the cake and I splurge // repeat the cycle, run it up from the dirt // roll the dope and get as high as my worth

Doza’s verse concludes with a series of equally self-assured and suave bars, all placed in front of a series of fresh beat chops that allot the track a renewed sense of dynamism. 

Following Doza’s verse is an equally potent verse courtesy of Lord Apex. Apex’s verse bears the same debonair and acuity as Doza’s, but his youthful tone and more prominent usage of adlibs give the track an additional layer of energy. 

The track concludes with a brief instrumental diversion, full of chapped guitar hits, protrusive vinyl static, and casual banter.

Both Doza and Apex’s performances are crisp and poised, utilizing steady flows and slick lyricism to perfectly complement the instrumental’s transpositions. If the other tracks from Grimm Doza’s upcoming project have quality akin to “Sword Styles” he may just have a classic on his hands.