From his breakout hit “Pumpkins Scream In The Dead Of Night” to his most recent album I Guess I’m Over It, Savage Ga$p has proven that he has come a very long way from his humble beginnings in Kentucky. As his oldest track “Lil Shoota” sits with just over 100,000 plays on SoundCloud, the Haroinfather-assisted “Tunnel of Love” just broke 20,000,000 on Spotify. 

The young artist had already enjoyed subtle notoriety in the underground scene leading up to this year in a number of ways: featuring in several music videos, giving numerous guest spots on other artists’ tracks, and appearing on Patrick Cc’s YouTube channel. That was all up until recently, where he has since elevated himself to the verge of mainstream success.

In a recent discussion with Andrew Cramb on the “Where Are All My Friends” podcast regarding Sewerperson (formerly known as 9TAILS), he spoke on the process of writing and recording his verse for the song while he was still living with fellow artist Keshore. He noted that he poured his heart and soul into the verse, and all he wanted was to make something that Sewerperson himself would be happy with.

He would come to capitalize on these ambitions with his most notable project to date in I Guess I’m Over It. The project shows off Ga$p’s talent to be a versatile and adaptable artist while still remaining distinct and unique; to say that all of these aspects proved to play into why he has gained such high recognition since its release is an understatement given the reception of the project as a whole.

Other than the aforementioned release, 2019 saw the rising talent drop a multitude of quality-filled singles both as a solo artist and in collaboration with the likes of Guardin, Freddie Dredd, and numerous others.

One of the driving forces to his wave of success this year was his utilization of Tik Tok as a platform. He made his own page to start uploading his content to on a consistent basis, and he quickly became an absolute sensation on the app.

As the year wound down, he received his biggest break yet as he was approached by 300 Entertainment — a label home to such acts as Young Thug, Famous Dex, and Gunna. Immediately recognizing the immense opportunity, he has sinced signed with the label in a move that is without question the most important of his musical career. 

2020 is looking to be the year that everything comes together for the promising act, and his patience throughout all of these years within the scene may finally be paying off in strides. It seems as if it is only up from here with absolutely no limits in sight.