If CatchTwentyTwo hasn’t reached your radar yet, then it is safe to say you are missing out on much more than your typical underground talent. The Broward County native brings a different type of flare to the scene with his ever-flowing and dynamic fusion of pop, r&b, and hip-hop.

We sat down with the young artist to talk about his newest single “Solar Flare” and how his career as a whole has led up to what is being hailed as his best release yet.

Tell us about your name and how it came to be. 

I got it from a book called “Catch-22,” but it means a dilemma or situation you can’t get out of because of limitations. 

Explain what went into the conception of “Solar Flare” as a single.

I produced Solar Flare myself. I made it in a studio here in North Miami in a few hours… then I took it home to write and record for a few days and then got to recording. 

What were some early artists you were listening to growing up?

A lot of Michael Jackson, a lot of the Weeknd… odd combo. 

What’s an average day like for you? 

I wake up, listen to my favorite songs to set the mood for the day, try to find inspiration in everything I do, I usually like to come up with an idea.

When did you start recording and producing your own music?

I started recording myself on and off for a couple of years, using a blu mic in high school, I recently got very serious with recording and mixing myself. 

What is your usual creative process like?

Depending on whether I’m at home or in the studio, I like to relax, listen to the music and forumulate in my head before executing the idea. 

Who first inspired you to make music? 

I remember the first time I ever watched michael jackson perform, on youtube, it was him performing at the 25th anniversary for Billie Jean, and watching an artist moonwalk, dance, with so much energy, makes you wanna do it too, it looked fun, and i would copy the dance moves for months… (even) years as a kid. I felt like I could do it too. 

What genre of music do you consider your work to be?

I only just started, I don’t want to put a genre on my artistry yet because of that reason too, for now I’ve released pop and r&b (tracks). 

What would you say would be the best advantage of being able to have full control over the conception of your music?

Not relying on anyone (and) being able to knock out ideas the moment, it starts formulating in your head, like I said, laying something down, and figuring out how you can make it better with the other “tricks you know” this might be off topic but I reward Noah “40” Shebib for this, making simple beats like Drake’s “Charged Up” but it works, more of a feeling.

What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Listen to people, listen to the criticism as well as the good words, treat them the same, compare and contrast and how you can make your next idea better.