The emo movement in the underground community is one of the most saturated genres right now, and thus it can be very hard for artists to stand out and make a name for themselves. Taking an entirely different direction to this scene however is Goffie, an artist who has been making incredible strides in the scene with his powerful voice and fearless approach to singing. He approaches beats in a way no one else in the scene does. 

Read on to find out about his influences, his opinion on content curation, and his strategies to promote his music. 

What are some of your earliest memories of making and listening to music?

I remember when I was in elementary school, I fell in love with Emo type music. I was in fifth grade listening to AFI, Hawthorne Heights, Taking Back Sunday, etc. It is what inspired me to start trying to sing like these bands and write songs like they do.

Who are some of your biggest influences in the underground community?

I love that my biggest influences in the underground are also some of my best friends. Brody, thebreathingbackwards, and Guardin are some of my biggest. Not only do I love their music, they have helped me so much as an artist.

What do you imagine people doing when they listen to your music?

Hmm that’s a good question. When you make emotional music, you have a tendency to think that the songs are what people listen to at the lower points in their life. That’s why in 2020 I want to make some music that is more fun and people can listen to when they are feeling great! However, I do want people to connect emotionally to the music. I hope when they listen, they are truly listening since my music is so personal.

I know I’ve definitely listened to your music at low points and it’s helped me get through them so I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing to make emotional music. How do you think posting covers has impacted your career? What made you decide to post that first cover?

Well the covers were never something I thought of that would help my music. It helped a lot to establish more fans online that found my original music! I just wanted to make the covers for fun because I used to be an acoustic artist and I’ve always liked stripping down songs. It was really just for fun.

How do you think influencers like Valentin from Sad Chill have impacted your career? Do you think the underground is better when experienced through curators like Sad Chill or do you prefer to find people in other ways?

Sad Chill is probably the biggest reason people found out about me. I had about 15 followers on Soundcloud and he gave me a chance when he uploaded Release. I love channels like that because it helps people find new artists. With so many artists now, it is hard to find them. When you have a channel that posts so much quality content, you can almost guarantee that artist will be good.

What are some of your achievable goals for 2020?

I want to hit 10,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and release a full project with Brody. Also just keep making friends in the underground scene and put out one self produced song this year.

You’ve had other names and musical projects in the past such as Pops, what made you eventually decide to be Goffie?

Well when I put out the songs as Pops it was like March 2018. I didn’t know how to promote it. I was treating it like my old DIY touring days and realized my best bet would be online. I kind of just gave up on the project and went through a breakup in December of 2018. I was lost and needed an outlet. Goffie was just a name that wasn’t taken by anyone else and made it easier for people to find me!

You make a lot of self made promotional pieces on Tik Tok and Triller, why do you think people respond so well to your content on those platforms as opposed to a traditional music video? What’s some advice you have for artists looking to use those tools to grow?

I think it just shows I’m having fun. It’s just me being me. Music videos are great but a good one can be expensive. I’d rather put that money into more songs. My advice for those artists is to just be yourself with it. I’ve seen some where people try to act a certain way and it seems so forced and you can tell they are comfortable doing it. Find something that you enjoy doing and it will reflect.

Sometimes the pronunciation of words in some of your songs varies greatly from how they would be spoken. Is this something you do intentionally to make the song sound cooler or is it something that just happens when you’re singing and going for crazy notes?

It’s not something I do intentionally. I think it does come from when I’m so focused on singing I just want it to sound good so I focus more on giving it my all.

I’ve always thought it sounds dope , you definitely go for way more interesting notes than I think a lot of artists would on the same beats. Alright that’s the end of the interview! Plug any upcoming songs or projects and feel free to shout-out any friends, collaborators, and other important people.

I have a new song coming January 3rd that I’m super excited about! Should be a new EP in the Spring with Brody who I want to give a shout-out to! That man has helped me in more ways than I could ever have imagined. Just keep your eyes peeled because I’m not slowing down in 2020.