Azazel375 is an artist based in Northern New Jersey who is currently working in a variety of genres that range from screamo to classic alternative rock all with a Japanese influence all intertwined within each track. 

Uniquely enough, he makes all his music on his phone because of the fact that he simply lacks the resources to make his art in what most consider a professional manner. That doesn’t stop him as he perseveres against the odds considering the fact that he’s made an EP over the past year and continues to experiment with his sound. 

This sentiment is depicted extremely vividly within arguably his best single offering, “Starry Sky.”

This track features lyrics that contrast with the vocal style he chooses to use which differentiates it from the very start. Unlike his harder sounding tracks, this song is a song and delicate almost like a flower unfolding itself. Even though it is soft and could be considered lofi in nature the vocals that this artist has laid down are as passionate as ever. The difference here is that he controls his vox that is unlike any of his previous work which makes it his most intriguing track yet. 

The lyrics are almost dream like in the way they flow and the word play that is used is the best this artist has ever done. His ad libs are also an interesting dynamic that adds nuance because he uses the sniffing of the nose which isn’t really a typical adlib. The song doesn’t seem to have one central theme and it mixes drugs, flexing, girls, and other more vague passages all together into a track that shouldn’t be pleasant to the ears whatsoever but somehow the lyrics work for what this artist is going for. 

What this artist accomplishes is a dream space where anything and everything is possible. All bad scenarios are as equally likely as good ones in this world he has created but much like his voice and the beat each is balanced almost perfectly. This work of art is also just raw enough that you can tell of his emotional authenticity which gives the listener a sense of nostalgia as well as yearning. 

Overall this track is unique in a way that this artist has never accomplished before. He took the listener on an odyssey with this one — the bar has convincingly been set high.