Teori is an extremely unique talent known for his experimental and strange beats combined with highly-autotuned and energetic vocals. He has caught the attention of many in the underground and has since grown a substantial platform — becoming widely regarded as a genuinely fun person to talk to. It’s personalities like his that give an artist who follows the current trends of SoundCloud staying power. Here he talks a bit about his art, his influences, and what sets him apart from his contemporaries. 

How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it before?

I guess it depends if I’m talking to someone who listens to soundcloud music or not but usually I just say I make heavily autotuned rap music which covers most of my stuff, but I find it quite hard to have a quick description of my music because I make a lot of different stuff, I like making some indie rock and a bunch of electronic music and I just experiment a lot but if I was to choose one word for my music it would be “ethereal” because that’s how my friend described it once and I really liked that

What are some of your biggest inspirations?

Yung lean, Bladee, and Lil Tracy were some of my biggest inspirations when I started. Listening to them really helped me find my sound but right now my biggest inspirations are probably all the people in Novagang, Bloodhounds, scaRss, and also my friends I met through soundcloud: Dolly, Visionblur, Kuru, Prblm, STM, and DTH.

Do you consider yourself more of a producer,more of a vocalist, or is it equal?

I’d say its equal, I see myself as an artist rather than thinking of myself as a vocalist or a producer or a combination of the two, also for a while now I’ve been kind of obsessed with producing most of my songs which is why right now I only have 2 or 3 songs produced by other people.

How does your visual art factor into your music career?

This one might sound a bit weird but actually the visual art I make is pretty well connected with my music. In my head all my feelings and stuff have a sound and some sort of visual to it, similarly my songs, and just music in general, can produce an image in my head, all my cover art recently has been connected with how I think my music looks in my head. I’ve been really enjoying making more visual art recently and I’ve been thinking that maybe I could make some really weird music videos and stuff soon considering music and images can be so strongly connected in my head.

Do you consider your accent an advantage in this music scene, a hindrance, or not really either? Do you believe it makes your music sound cooler?

I guess having an accent can make me sound a bit different than some other people which I think is pretty cool, it can help me stand out and stuff. One of my friends once told me that my music will always sound kind of cool because I have an accent and just saying stuff with an accent is cool.

Do you think being from Romania provides you a unique perspective on the music scene?

I think it does somewhat give me a different perspective, growing up I did listen to quite a bit of pop music that was made here so I guess still to this day I love the europop sound that was very popular where I lived when I grew up. Rap music was very unfamiliar to me for a long time and when I finally got into it, it was thanks to artists like Yung Lean and Suicide Boys, it took me quite a bit before I started listening to more “mainstream” artists as they were not that popular here and I think this way of approaching music might have given me a different perspective.

If you could make one artist you listen to on SoundCloud now mainstream famous who would it be and why?

Braxton Knight because I found his sound very unique and I feel like someone with a very different sound than everyone else going mainstream could change the whole scene which would be pretty cool.

You’ve had a lot of success as an early adopter of the platform Matter Online, do you think it has a place in the future of underground or even mainstream music?

I think it’s still too early to tell, there aren’t enough people on it right now and the website its still in closed beta so I don’t plan on switching to it any time soon, we just have to wait and see what happens.

What do you think sets you apart from your contemporaries of a similar style, what’s one or two things that you think really make up the Teori brand?

I’d say the fact that most of my songs are self produced makes me stand out a bit, also I think I’ve got a pretty unique sound when it comes to my beats. Some of my friends said that they don’t really hear anyone making beats that sound too similar to my stuff right now. I guess my voice is different enough for people to differentiate me from other people. I try my best to just be myself, I get inspired by a lot of other people but at the end of the day I try to not copy anyone and just have my own style and my own sound and the fact that I’m always trying to have my own sound is I think what really helps me stand out.

Feel free to shout out anyone or anything you want, tell us about any upcoming projects or things like that.

Big shout out to all my friends especially everyone from Spectreboys. Seeing everyone make such great music makes me wanna get better and better. I might have an album coming just as the start of 2020 but I’m not sure you’ll see how I feel.