Following the release of It Never Ends, Loverboy gives fans a taste of what they crave from him- an intense melancholic track in “Animal.” The newest offering from the well-known talent proves everything and more about what we already know he is capable off. 

The track – produced by the well known Drip133 – is a solemn experience that sees a prominent guitar line set the mood perfectly. 

Seeing as neither are a stranger to softer cadences within their music, this song was no exception. By truly making the listener feel something, they not only cater to seasoned listeners, but appeal to new fans as well.

The catchy flow will make you want to listen time and time again, and the truthful and relatable lyrics will draw you in as well. Both of these facets make for an enthralling experience for the entire runtime.

“Animal” is undoubtedly a solid addition to Loverboy’s already immaculate discography. The soft sound of this song leaves it ideal for any laid back playlist, the vocals and beat together set any mood perfectly, making it all worth the listen.