Hefna380 has only been in the underground scene for short minute now, but tracks such as “I Gotta Go!” and “Real Rockstar” have proven his validity within the scene in full. him to be a sensational artist with over 10,000 streams which is a great milestone for any independent artist. He further established his progression and breakthrough with his new EP We Can Finally Rage.

The project consists of 3 tracks that provide an infuriating mix of sounds that all show his development in full. Each and every offering brings something new to the table, and this fact makes his dynamic evolution known in great strides. 

Despite its short length, the project gives the audience all they need to know for a release such as this, as it really is simply teasing for so much more from the young talent — content that has been since promised by him in a multitude of statements. 

As this year is closing out, the raging is absolutely not stopping for this artist as he continues to bring intensifying music to the underground scene, an action no one should be looking over at all. This is a project that will undoubtedly set the benchmark for what is to come in the rising talent’s still extremely young career.

Jump on this one before it becomes too late to fully appreciate it in its purest form.

Ana Calderon - Staff Writer
Ana Calderon - Staff Writer

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