Hailing from Benton Harbor, Michigan is Huncho Dada –an underappreciated, but immensely talented and dynamic artist. His style can range from emotive, trap-flavored ballads, to abrasive, quick witted, and technically sound bar fests. His most recent track “Rabies” closely aligns with the latter approach, and shows off Dada’s ability to craft rapid fire flows and clever one-liners. 

Produced by Off Da Leash, a Southwest Michigan production trio, “Rabies,” is everything you could want from an aggressive rap track. It begins with a minimalistic approach, solely utilizing an intricate drum loop for the first 30 seconds of the track. This allows for Dada to shine, and effectively builds anticipation for the track’s melody, and eventual drop.

With regards to the melody, it is a simple, yet catchy reverse piano loop. It’s simplicity allows for the track’s drums to utilize more adventurous percussive elements, including an ever-changing hat pattern and the occasional, “beep” sound.

The track also makes use of a heavy handed 808 and punchy kick, both of which solidify its bounce.

As for Dada, his verses are immaculate, making use of his authoritative delivery and swift flows as a means by which to craft a frantic, yet remarkably clear performance.

For the first third of the track, Dada makes use of a non-stop, expeditious triplet flow, but for the next third, he slows down, making use of a “hanging” flow that places emphasis on the last two words of each bar. This effectively showcases Dada’s versatility, and gives the listener a chance to collect themselves before the track’s next portion. The track concludes with a brief transposition between the triplet and hanging flow, followed by a smooth fade out. 

All in all, “Rabies,” is an assertive and breathtaking track, full of breakneck flows and balanced production. Dada’s tone, enunciation, and flow are perfect, and the track puts his spirited, boundless potential on full display. Off Da Leash’s production suits Dada perfectly, and one can only hope for more collaborations between the two in the near future.