Jillian Nadeau, better known as just simply “Jillian,” is a Florida native that has been stirring up a great deal of attention towards the end of this year. We sat down to talk to the rising star about what her story is and what she has planned for 2020.

Where are you from and how old are you? 

I’m from Fort Lauderdale, FL but I live in Orlando right now. I just turned 21 recently.

Tell me what that’s been like for you? What’s your experience been like growing up in a state like Florida? 

To be honest, I am from the good part of Florida. I didn’t experience real shit like drug addicts and crazy people until I moved to Orlando, which was in the Fall of 2017. The Florida Man meme has always been funny to me though. Florida is a crazy place in general it seems. I kinda wanna leave to experience living in another state. 

Growing up, what were some of the first types of music you listened to? What were some of your first artists you can remember enjoying? 

My dad influenced my music taste first since he only played Rock CDs in the car! So, I got a taste of Journey, Styx, and AC/DC. My mom liked listening to Christian music, and my brother usually played his alternative stuff around me. That’s how I first heard of Marina and the Diamonds and Imogen Heap.

Tell me about your early experiences. When did you first start creating music of your own? 

Ever since I was young I’d sing random tunes, but I never wrote anything down. I started really writing when I was (around) 15. It was so cheesy too. Before then, I’d write poems or short stories. Thinking about it now, the practice with the writing really helps today with my lyricism.

When did you record your first song? How old were you at the time? 

My first recorded song was when I was 18. It’s called “This Isn’t You” but I’ve never released it. Listening to it today, I sound so young! I may re-record it because the lyrics are pretty solid.

From 18 on, did you keep recording songs? 

Yeah! I have another unreleased song called “I Tried.” The rest of my songs are on SoundCloud for your enjoyment.

So you’re 21 years old now, but at what point did you decide you were going to take music seriously? 

Stepping into college on my first day. I hated the major I was in. 

What major? And at what point after that did you decide to really record more? 

Computer Science! I couldn’t really record until a year later when my best friends gifted me with a mic. 

What are some of your favorite songs you’ve made or been apart of so far? 

“Balenciaga Baby” has been my most favorite, I think. It really shows how much I’ve grown lyrically and vocally. My most emotional piece is “Would You?” and my favorite feature has to be “drown” with ynd fuego! 

What are some of your plans coming into 2020 and beyond? 

I am dropping a music video for Balenciaga Baby, I want to drop a tape, and I want shows! I just want to touch people with my music, honestly. Some people tell me that I’ve had and that really moves me to keep going. 

What are some things that you would like to accomplish long term in music as an artist? 

Thank you! I definitely want to do a crazy tour with visuals and art designs, with help from my artist friends of course. I have a pretty good art direction for myself, though my girls are always helpful in what I could do with my art. Everyone eats! I also want to look into songwriting for other artists since that could be fun to do too!

What’s your recording process like? How long does it typically take you to make a song? Tell me about the entire process.

I was talking about this the other night with one of my friends. I usually write lyrics and tailor them to the beats I’m sent. Then, I go into my closet and live in there until I’m satisfied with what I’ve recorded that day. I’ve made songs in a day – Balenciaga Baby and BBE took me a few weeks to a month. 

Excluding music, what keeps you going as an artist? What are you usually doing if you aren’t creating? 

I like when my best friends – Taylor and Sophia – suggest having art days. We usually come together on the patio or in the living room and draw or paint. That’s always nice and relaxing. I also just like to take walks and breathe some fresh air. The constant support from those close to me keep me going. 

To conclude, any last words or shoutouts?

Shout out to my girls, they know who they are. Shout out to my mom and dad for always listening to my stuff Shout out XXIX for being my family in this crazy music world. And shout out to the people that stay listening to me. I see you and I love you. 

Jillian’s entire catalog can be found below: