Spacewalk Jones, who has established his home on SoundCloud, is one of the platform’s most overlooked artists. His sound is full of essential cloud rap nuances, but also this confounding factor that makes every listen a unique and diverse experience. This factor may be due to the wide range of sounds that each and every song contains — a notion that is displayed front and center on his newest EP entitled Fortuna.

Arguably the most definitive aspect of this project is that each and every track conveys a different tone and mood. Tracks like the EP’s five minute opener “Windows10” are the best show this in full throughout the project’s runtime.

Taking the aforementioned track into consideration, it displays its unique nature through relying on ambient passages and an overall strong emphasis on the instrumental as a whole. This focus makes the song seem more full in nature and allows the listener to digest the truly heavenly vocals when they are eventually introduced. 

The overall themes in this EP range from lost love to questioning life’s purpose to simply critiquing people and their behavior. These themes even directly contrast with back to back tracks, such as in the case of “White Porsche” being paired with “Hair Clipz.” Again, each song is completely distinct no matter where they appear in the tracklisting. 

This EP is the perfect example of how an artist can convey an “up and down” feeling while still keeping a level of consistency present, and this may just be the calling card for the rest of the young talent’s career as he further develops as an artist. What can definitively be said however, is that this project is a sign of great things to come no matter where he decides to go next.