Producers have an essential role in the underground community as a whole; it simply would not be the same without their contributions. They are undoubtedly some of the most underappreciated and undercredited people in the community, and they often do not receive the recognition that they deserve. 

This fact brings to light one of the most talented producers in the scene — Ireland’s own Lil Sp00k. He is easily identifiable due to his signature beat tag and for being the go-to option as far as producers are concerned for Cr00k

What makes the Irish talent different from the sea of all the any other producer in his liking is his telling adaptability and artistic range. He can make an artist anything from lofi to cloud rap to intense beats — almost anything one would need.

This notion can be found in such tracks as “Lofi 1” — which encompasses all that that the name entails. It begins extremely quietly, where the sound is almost not present at all where it then transitions into a easy going and calming song. Considering this is his first one and an experiment into this genre in particular, it is still crafted extremely proficiently. 

When an artist is added to one of his beats, the entire track is elevated because of Sp00k’s expert craftsmanship. Rather than either overpower or outshine the artist in any way, he has shown the capacity to have a one-to-one relationship with the artist in question, producing an ideal complimentary feeling in the process.

Lil Sp00k is proof that talented producers are continuingly falling under the radar, and that both their skill and importance to the scene as a whole need to be showcased with greater appreciation. As long as he keeps up his already established hot streak, this notion may in fact become a reality for him and the rest of his talented contemporaries.