Jammar4K has enjoyed an exponential ascent throughout 2019. Singles like “Strawberry Fields” and” Glass” have been well received on Soundcloud, and as the year went on, he began to work with underground staples like Skress, Mochila, and Ginseng. His latest drop, “Angels + Stars,” is a somber, reflective track featuring stellar melodies, a standout verse from Kevin Kazi, and sensational production courtesy of Skress and Mochila themselves.

The track starts off with a barrage of ethereal guitar plucks and spacious vocal riffing, followed by a delayed bass drop. The drums accompany the track’s melodies seamlessly, utilizing an array of open hats and rim shots in order to provide a solid bounce.

Jammar’s performance is melancholic in nature, while still evoking a keen sense of growth and independence. His utilization of vocal layering is immaculate, and reinforces the track’s feelings of hope. Lyrically, Jammar is addressing an old flame; more particularly, an old flame that disregarded his emotions, and lied while doing so. This is evident during the hook, when he says: 

Angels they die, then get left in the stars // I just popped me a perc’, I been high from the start // Now you lie through your teeth, you ain’t give me your heart // Trust me you is not smart, yeah we should stay apart

Despite the hook’s sense of resentment, it is still confident and full of inspiration. It shows how, despite obviously being hurt, he wants to move on and maintain control of both his life and ambitions. 

With regards to Kevin Kazi’s verse, he takes a tellingly unorthodox approach, experimenting with different vocal stylings in an impressive manner. He begins by making use of a lower pitched delivery, which is effective in its personability, and its ability to provide a sense of isolation. He also makes use of a larger-than-life vibrato vocal delivery, which serves as the track’s climax. Not only does it evoke a sharp sense of desperation, but it cadences out the track perfectly, kindling a subliminal sense of triumph.

“Angels + Stars,” is undoubtedly an earnest track, but thanks to the vocal stylings of Jammar4K and Kevin Kazi, it stimulates a subtle sense of optimism. Coupled with Skress and Mochila’ pristine production, the track is an odyssey, fluidly exploring themes of unrequited love and despair. At this rate, Jammar is poised to have a bright 2020.