Clancy is a Canadian-American artist based in Los Angeles, California. Her vocal style is a mix of pop and soul with other elements added in to make this artist truly unique. Not only is her vocal range impressive – which she displays in a number of ways – but she also has a powerful presence in both her vocals and the way she performs on stage. She seems to effortlessly take over a room each performance, and that notion is seen in the way her music feels as well. Her newest single entitled “Subconscious Suicide” exemplifies all these sentiments and much, much more. 

Without even listening to the song’s lyrics, one can tell that it is magnificent in its sonic aspects alone — which is especially apparent in the track’s intro. The bass hits very early on and only increases from that point in its presence. 

What makes this an especially complex piece of work is the contrast between the lyrics and the overall sound. The lyrics tell a story about a person who feels abandoned by everyone in their life, but even so they still love and attempt to depend on those people. These people do not seem to care and just ignore the subject of this song to the point where the subject trying is committing appropriately “subconscious suicide.” The whole tone of this track would be different if the artist had chosen a softer melody with guitars for instance, it would be significantly more sad than it is. 

The tone of this song is a crescendo of frustration and anger. The song continuingly grows in passion and hints of anger become very evident by the second verse. It is definitively passionate in nature, yet still perfectly controlled with Clancy’s soulful vocals showing off their power and range as the song draws on. 

It is the perfect balance of fiery emotion and perfect control where everything balances precariously on the edge of both.