Vonore, Tennessee artist Yung Nxbxdy has just recently arrived on the scene and has since astonished the public with an insightful track titled “Hurting Me.” 

If the blacked-out cover art gives any immediate impression, it is that the mood of this track is set before hearing a single thing. And as such, he proves this in full once his vocals do enter the mix:

“If I could stop all this pain from hurting me, I would cut off all my past it’s hurting me , I would cut off all these people their hurting me, they are hurting me”

The opening lines to this track sees him indulge in a memory of his past and sets it off extremely creatively. This track starts off with a phenomenal verse including a kicking bass that makes you want to listen to it more having a catchy flow this track brings a melancholy feeling that is a strong catch to the listener’s ear. 

The artist himself goes into further detail as to why he wrote this track in a variety of statements: 

“I wrote (this song) about situations from my childhood past,” he said. “The last year has been a pretty weird year for me. I wanna make music to help people. I’m not the type of person to voice my pain out loud. Music is where I voice my pain so I would just say my pain and life inspired the song.”

In the most obvious fashion, Yung Nxbxdy escorts us into a place of sorrow and grief with this tasteful track; it would be wise to get hip to the young talent before his inevitable come up really starts to take place.