Los Angeles-based artist Lil Narnia, who’s discography has consisted of three EP’s titled Fingers Crossed (2017), Things In Pain (2018) and lastly The Melancholy Of (2019) over the span of the last two years, has recently dropped a song titled “Beating Something Dead” The track is produced by Cian P and features fellow artist Fifty Grand

It is safe to say that this offering does not stray too far away from Narnia’s style of singing and song-writing, with songs like “Day 38” and “Send Help” touching on the theme of desperately holding onto someone that once kept you sane, but has now left you broken and empty due to the fact that you gave your all to this person, knowing it wasn’t the healthy thing to do.

Lines within the opening verse echo this sentiment in full:

“I hate how much I miss it, sick of screaming goodnight princess, you always sit above my head with tears and air pods in.”

The video – which was featured on Astari – perfectly matches up with the lyrics. Throughout the telling visuas, the female lead shows both moments of an inner conflict and an expressive rage, all the while exposing vulnerabilities that are within every human regardless if we want to show it or not. 

At the end of the video, she then opts to utilize the flamethrower instead to finish off the items, symbolizing a sort of closure from the past for good. The items are now far from what it used to be, as is the relationship. 

Both the video and the song collectively display the fact that Lil Narnia is a storyteller in her own unique element. With more and more releases that reach this level of quality in the same manner, the young talent may become one of the most dynamic multi-medium individuals currently working.