As of late, few artists in the underground have been working as hard as Texako, and this fact is evident by his ability to drop multiple quality projects within the past few months. His hot streak continues with “My Bitch Strip At Magic City” —  a brief, yet effective track which showcases his boundless confidence and debonair. Produced by Twinuzis, the track takes a psychedelic approach, making use of spacious synths and sparse drums in order to create an encapsulating feel.

The track starts off with a quick preview, followed by a fitting audio sample from Friday. Afterwards, a phased pad line enters the mix, accompanied by a simple bell pattern. This provides the track with an airy vibe, and gives Texako space in the middle of the mix. Soon after, the bass enters the mix, which – despite its subtlety – serves as the beat’s X-factor. Despite the appeal of loud, bloated 808’s, the sub bass utilized allows for the listener to feel the bass, as opposed to having it blasted into their ears. It also solidifies the psychotropic approach Twinuzis took, as psychedelic music often tends to prioritize melody and palatiality, as opposed to assertive drum programming. 

With regards to Texako, he fits the production perfectly, utilizing a smooth vocal delivery and fluid backing vocals to reinforce the expanse of the track. His lyrics are clever and self-assured, evident when he says: 

New Era, but it’s no cap // I just put hunnids all into your ho bag // Ride in the Honda and you got some hubcaps // She got your number and sent you a note back

The track concludes with Texako taunting his critics, emphasizing the grandiosity and justified hubris felt throughout the song.

“My Bitch Strip At Magic City” epitomizes decadence. Its roomy production, coupled with Texako’s laid-back and glossy delivery gives the track a larger-than-life feel. Twinuzis production is immaculate, maintaining enough percussive elements to be unmistakably trap, but utilizing a variety of wide, fluctuating synths that allow for the track to be distinct. One can only hope Texako and Twinuzis continue to make tracks together, because if they do, they’ll be an unstoppable duo for years to come.