Under the radar and vocally unmatched LA artist Juno La Goon pulls no punches on one of the year’s best individual tracks with “Jack of All Trades.” This devil may care attitude dwelling within the jabs at contemporary radio stars only fortifies the harsh, emboldened style that Juno never ceases to convey. 

Juno simply hits the ground sprinting; the simplistic, drum heavy Juku beat breathes for a brief moment, followed by an assault of traditional sounding bars consisting of both clever self-aggrandizement and irreverent name drops.

Imma jack of all trades they ain’t doing jack shit // Used to run around downtown and jack shit // Jackin jackets on my Captain Jack shit // Steal a boat while she turn to Michael Jackson // The way she gone play wit my kids in her mouth…

This armada of quick flipped spitting goes on further as Juno pokes fun of artists from 6ix9ine to Kendrick Lamar in a myriad of courageous lines rife with word play and tongue-in-cheek abrasiveness.

Imma kick king Kendrick off his mofuckin throne // Tell that pussy 6ix9ine to stop yelling watch his tone // And I never needed back up // Walk around  all alone // All you lil rappers just another mutha fuckin clone of Young Thug… I wonder more // How people listen to Da Baby he won’t change his flow // Said I put on his album thank god  I need sleep // the whole thing sounded like the same song on repeat….

Juno does not cease at this juncture, as he goes on to then take shots at the underground scene and rap industry as a whole.

Half the rap industry is just plants // Another face tatted faggot in some over tight pants // With auto tune up on they voice a double cup in they hands… Tell Juice Wrld the next lil shadow that he see up in his room is gunna b Lil Juno with a knife…

The brash and zealous vulgarity of Juno is exciting and deeply compelling. Juno’s flow and wordplay is close to spectacle, seemingly reinforced only by the fact this small artist harnesses the audacity to punch up with no wavering. Experience the fierce, unique voice of Juno and come to understand the almost warranted pejorative attitude that is reflected in the track. Run it up.

ArchbishopEddy - Media Specialist
ArchbishopEddy - Media Specialist

Eddy Blanco (socials @archbishopeddy) is a budding screenwriter and filmmaker. An avid fan of rap and even bigger fan of the abrasive, rebellious and self-expressive underground scene, he took to writing about the craft for UVC around a year ago. Inspired by the likes of old and new school acts like Deltron 3030, Cannibal Ox, Bone Thugz, Denzel Curry, Lil Ugly Mane, and Spooky Black, he hopes to put people on to creatives that can equally inspire the way these acts did. Creatives utilizing any medium of any scene pique his interest and may be etched in the walls of text he lobs up on the site.

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