With multiple platinum albums under her belt, Taylor Swift is commonly seen as one of the biggest pop sensations of all time. Her catchy radio hits are impossible to miss, even for those who wouldn’t consider themselves a fan. Her songs have been covered countless times, but it could be hard to imagine how a Taylor Swift cover could pique the interest of the underground. 

However, by taking the chorus from Swift’s 2009 anthem “Love Story” and making it his own, Icedoutangels member and recent Neilaworld recruit Sebii has given new life to the hit single with his take on the track in “lovestory.”

Sebii teased this drop with a 33-second Triller, featuring clips from the original music video for the song. People immediately urged him to release it, needing more than what the short excerpt gave us, and he delivered. 

The song has a wistful, misty feel to it that almost feels far away – like you are holding on to something or someone that may already be out of reach – but the positive and dreamy atmosphere of the supporting music keeps the feeling of hope throughout. A familiar chorus that stays true to the original lyrics and melody pushes you to listen or even sing along, and Sebii’s signature high-pitched vocals pop in to carry you away into a daydream. 

Yea I know they don’t wanna see us together // But this shit’s forever // And it’s for the better // And this bond can’t sever // Even with the pressure // My world you the center // My love you can’t measure

This song achieves what every love song strives to do: make the listener feel like it is theirs. It is hard to listen to this song without thinking of someone that is special to you, and gives a special kind of meaning to each individual person that listens. If you were a fan of the original track, you will be hit with a wave of nostalgic admiration. Even for those that aren’t however, you will still be pulled in by the addicting vocals that Sebii is known for, and you will definitely find yourself singing it to yourself even hours after listening.