Redzed is the Czech Republic’s answer to the sound first introduced by the likes of BONES and Ghostemane who has managed to bend it to his own preferences, which earned him his own place on the map of the global underground rap. Though views on a few of his videoclips exceeded the benchmark of one million and his music has managed to create a big buzz around him in CZ, he still remains relatively unknown in the USA and western part of the world. 

We recently sat down with him to hear what he has to say about that fact in particular and much more. 

You’ve recently released a new EP called “Cemetery Punk.” How are you feeling about the numbers so far? Is it a success? 

Yeah, it’s definitely one of my more successful releases. Especially the song “Meth Phonk,” it’s doing really well. It is kind of a return to this trappy Memphis-influenced sound… I don’t make these kinds of songs as much anymore.

You are known for you unique style blending rap and heavy metal. Could you describe your musical evolution to us? What led you to start rapping in the first place? 

I started out as a guitarist in this nu-metal band. We were called “Shitcom.” It was a lot of fun, we wrote some good songs, but eventually we split up. Then I started producing electronic music, a mix of dubstep, neurofunk and stuff like that. Looking back, I am not really proud of these songs. It was really bad actually. Eventually I started experimenting with Hip-Hop beats. I vividly remember the moment when I made the “Chillin’ in the Graveyard” beat. Slow, 90 BPM old school drums with a simple doomy guitar melody. That was artistically my breaking point I think. It was also the first time that I tried to sing on my beat, and I haven’t stopped ever since.

How did you being from a small european country influence you sonically? Are all of your main influences located in the US and discovered through internet, or did the geographical location allow you to be inspired by totally different sounds and artists? 

Well I’ve always drawn inspiration from foreign music. Mainly a lot of from the UK, the states and Canada. The music I liked as a kid inspired me the most I think. Also a lot of pop music from the 90s has influenced me in making melodies. I mean I really enjoy a lot of artists here in the Czech Republic, or in central Europe, but I can’t say that I am influenced by them musically. I started listening to Czech rappers/musicians after I met them on shows and stuff. 

How did you learn to speak english so well and use it in your vocals in such a lethal way? 

Well ever since I was a kid I’ve been watching a lot of movies and playing video games, all in English, so this helped me the most I think. But try to listen to my older songs, and you will really hear the Czech accent in there. It had to get better with time. I know that I still have a lot to improve on though.

Many comments under your tracks are from people noticing similarity of your voice to Ozzy Osbourne’s iconic delivery. Is it intentional homage to a heavy metal legend or accidental coincidence of you two simply sounding similar? 

Gotta say that Jonathan Davis and Ozzy inspired me vocally a lot. But at the same time, it really is kind of a coincidence that I also have a similar tone and color of his voice. Some people say that it sounds Ozzy-ish even in the rap parts, which is strange, ‘cause Ozzy doesn’t rap.

You’ve collabed with US underground rappers Gizmo and Bill Saber in recent months. Can we expect more collabs with US artists coming soon? 

Yes, I definitely will! Im stoked to work with other underground artists. It’s a great feeling you know. I used to look up to Gizmo and Saber, and know we’ve got a song together, crazy. You can expect some new collab next year for sure. 

Your music has a strong global potential. Are you intentionally promoting it in a way that targets foreign (by that I mean mainly US) audiences or you just upload it and whoever finds it, finds it? 

Well I just like how English language sounds. When I first started, I never thought about being worldwide or anything. I was just doing it like that because I liked the sound. Lately I am starting to realize that it’s actually working real good, and other countries want to hear me too. Makes me happy for sure. 

Video to your track ”Ghoul” featuring Gizmo was released on a famous underground channel Trash that has over 2 million subscribers. Are more of your tracks to be uploaded on channels like Trash, Trillphonk or Astari, or you want to focus on building following on your own channel? 

Well, I am mainly trying to focus on the growth of my Redzed channel, but occasionally I will drop something on another one. For example, a new music video for ”Horror” (which features Bill Saber) will drop on the Pigeons and Planes channel.

Soundcloud became haven of buzzing experimental underground rap scene in recent years and gave rise to many successful artists. Did it play any role in the rise of your career? 

In the Czech Republic it’s really all about Youtube and Spotify. At least it was when I started rapping. So Soundcloud was never really my platform. I still upload every song there, but I think that sc kind of fucks up the quality of the sound too much. It makes the song louder, but distorted. 

How important for your career was performing as a supporting artist for Scarlxrd on his Prague show in Meetfactory? Did it boost your popularity in any significant way? 

It was a great experience, people really turned up. But I can’t say that it boosted me or anything. I mean, I think that my career has always been building up gradually. I never had like +3k followers in a day or something. It all took a lot of time. 

How do you feel about your career right now? 

I feel like I need to do some European shows. I am ready as fuck. Can’t wait to play in other countries. We are already booking Germany, Poland, (and others) for next year.

Are you thinking of moving away from the Czech Republic in order to secure a more global position for yourself, or do you feel like it can be done from here? 

I really feel that it can be done from here, cause inspiration comes from you and from nothing else. But I might move abroad in the future, we’ll see. 

You are frequently touring with Czech artists. How do you feel about the local scene? 

There are many extremely talented artists that are making music and videos on an amazing level. My favourite Czech artist is Gleb right now — he’s spitting some really good Grime. Or Dalyb, (who is a) producer that has the most unique and clean beats I’ve ever heard. But on the other hand, I think our scene suffers from one big problem. Many rappers who suddenly get big have the tendency to act like they are something more than everybody and I hate that shit. I don’t think that musicians should be acting superior in any way. 

What are you working on right now? What can we expect coming our way from you in the near future? 

(Right now) I’m working on a single called “Gasoline.” It’s gonna be a boombap track and It will drop with the type of music video that you are not used to. Something different this time.