The eclectic and highly immersive sound of Holy Mob – a production collective just shy of a dozen members spearheaded by producer Von Storm – manages to linger in the mind for months after the first taste. This audio longevity is courtesy of the collective’s latest instrumentals, found in Holy Mob Vol. 7, a beat tape that packs heavily dark yet hypnotic tones that enrapture you as you enter into the project. 

Just coming off the October month, if one is forlorned at the loss of ethereal, intensive sensations and excitable fervor in the air that the Halloween season brings in, allow Vol 7. to be the instrument that rings steadily through your ears. Revisit the now months old project, sitting decent at 12 tracks.

To accurately, technically, and verbosely breakdown a beat tape with no personal production capability is no easy feat, but thanks to the depth that the Holy Mob crew provides with their rich instrumentals, it is not impossible. A thorough listen of this tape allows the listener to meander through their respective daily lives as they experience the sounds that range from chilling to bombastic. These dense, sharp sounds the Mob crafts add an intensive score to the listeners’ lives. This score, while significantly memorable as a whole, rears its head early on while its opening tracks ring eternally as brisk, bold tone setters, just as it tapers off as the tape goes on. 

The opener, a dizzying yet slow haunting track “4ever”- produced by Caspian Rose – utilizes an echo-like sample of memorable Tupac lines, abetted by intimidating 808 patterns, and wispy wind instruments. It gives the listener a slow burn that piques anticipation for the more grimier tracks to follow on the tape. 

Following that is a gripping, music box-like track “Cradle to the Grave”–produced by Inteus— that harnesses fined tuned bars ripped from Flatbush Zombies’ “Headstone” and houses them in a new instrumental setting that is nothing short of suffocating, a sonic experience that envelopes you and takes your breath away; akin to a bright spirit accosting you. “City Streets”, produced by both Caspian and Inteus, is another elevated stage of instrumentals on the tape. Vintage style horns and orchestral soundscapes flood the track, as well as operatic female vocals and subtle, muttering male voice samples. It’s a more cheerful toned track, yet possess a creeping demeanor still. 

As mentioned, the tapes only flaw is a knack to taper off beyond the aforementioned opening tracks, as the tape slows to a less dark cutting edge aesthetic in lieu of  safer production patterns. That being said, that isn’t to say they aren’t still well crafted and any less hypnotic. The sounds, samples, and moods that waver about the second half of the tape are still creative and interesting, but lack the necessary staying power to remain looped in the mind of the listener. 

Allow Holy Mob to blare through the block this fall; sharing the feeling of various levels of bodily highs, thrills and chills that these seemingly paranormal yet contemporary rap bops induce. Run it up.