Cr00k is an artist based in the Los Angeles area that has a range of songs from the definitive screamo to more melodic trap type pieces. His newest EP that dropped on November 20, entitled “Screaming In My Bedroom,” contains a telling compilation of six songs — arguably the best of which coming in the track “New Year,” which features fellow artist Seejayxo.

In contrast to Cr00k’s distinctly solemn delivery on this track, Seejayxo changes the dynamic of the piece with his smooth vocals and contrasting lyrics. The two different styles and tones may not typically mesh well if executed poorly, however, in this particular song they compliment each other rather than simply encroaching on the other. The fact that this song also begins slowly and builds in intensity is also an added touch that a listener can appreciate. 

One of Cr00k’s signatures is the movie or show samples he puts in every song and the artist does not disappoint in this piece. Both of the artists sing the chorus which makes the flow and layout very interesting. This could possibly imply that at first Seejayxo was actually in his feelings at first and then his ideas about said relationship changed which is what he articulates in the verse. 

The flow of the verse is done in a very catchy manner which sometimes distracts from the lyrics. One has to actually listen closely in order to get the meaning behind the song which has dark undertones. There are numerous notes within the track that imply either suicide or a drug overdose. Cr00k’s line in the chorus of “I need more” that is repeated gives a listener the impression that this person is like a drug to them. They seem to need this person, however, much like drugs or other illicit substances they are slowly killing them. 

In short, this is a song about toxic love and the effects that it can have upon a person’s life where they feel like without them they will die. Their contrasting voices and lyrics each tell a different story that intertwine into one cohesive piece which is extremely interesting.