GOONMOB CLOTHING is a small brand created by Oozing Goon, an enthusiastic 21-year-old with a colorfully dyed hair hailing from the Scottish city of Livingston. Originally started out of small-town boredom as an inside joke of sorts, it managed to gain a measurable level of popularity among local underground artists due to, among other reasons, Goon’s own dabbling in music and colorful, extroverted persona. 

”I used to kick around with my two best pals back in 2017 and we’d say we should get matching hats that all say ”GOON” cause we were just wilding around getting high and being wee bams in the scheme,” he explained. 

After some more time, he started to try making patches and pins of some old sketches of his, but never managed to make it work all the way through. 

Consequently, he started getting into photo-editing style known as “grimeart” thanks to being in touch with ”some mad kids” known as Raptor Clique, who would go on to send him a couple of their tracks to listen to. He started writing rhymes, but that ended up stagnating and he indulged in doing drugs for another half a year. 

At the beginning of 2018, after experiencing a total breakdown and losing his job, he has sold his PS4 and TV to pay for the first run of 10 pink “OG GOON” t-shirts that ended up being financial flop. At the same time though, local underground rapper Spawn Zero has released his first album Penmo on Spotify and after Goon edited few of his photos in the Grimeart style, Zero hit him up, swapped his CD for one of the GOONMOB t-shirts and invited Goon to participate in a local cypher with other MCs. 

Goon’s verse has earned him an overnight rise in popularity among local underground scene, which led him to start his own rap project in Slippery Trashmouf. He has also been featured on a Spawn Zero’s and another local rapper Barz Fury’s album LIV 3 and on tracks of local artists Joezki and King Meraki

Most recently, he has designed a custom pieces for a rapper Kid Robotik of the BTM collective and Lil Geist and secured representation of his brand in yet-to-be released music videos of other local underground figures. As he continues to push himself and others further and further, his wholehearted manners will undoubtedly pay off as a result.