In a dynamic new single entitled “Daylight Dreamer,” Flowars, an artist that boasts almost 4,000 followers on Soundcloud, combines smooth R&B vocals with a high use of repetition in creating a nostalgic aching deep in the listener’s consciousness. 

The track combines the concept of mortality as well as gaining fulfillment in romantic relationships. The combination of the harp in the melody as well as the ambient sound of a synthesizer in the beginning begins with piano audio levels and crescendos into a beat that then transitions into one with much more bass. 

This switch contrasts with his smooth vocals at the start thanks to the producer 8ROKEBOY, who mixed and mastered this particular piece of audio with plenty of attention to detail 

After the first transition the vocalist continues with his smooth vocals which are enhanced by layering different audio clips together to create a truly nostalgic atmosphere. The line “I fly so high sometimes I think I might just die” becomes the main focus for a short period of time within the track, adding to this notion accordingly. 

The rising artist is delivering on the expectations already set by telling tracks such as this, and this development will continue to make itself clear as more and more songs drop in the future.